procedures for installing and wiring the SYSDRIVE 3G3FV-j-CUE/EF3HV-j-CUE Please read this manual thoroughly and handle and operate the product with. The SYSDRIVE 3G3FV is OMRON’s new special-purpose inverter. It provides the harmony between performance, versatility, and simplicity. Using a unique. Manuals and User Guides for Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV. We have 1 Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV manual available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Common Functions This section summarizes the functions that can be used in common among the various modes, and provides detailed explanations of their operations.

Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3FV User Manual

There are 16 external fault inputs available with all 16 combinations of the following variables. Therefore, the ratio of harmonics in the output current of the Inverter is higher than that of any other electric machine.

Procedure for changing the control mode. Parameter Display name Setting Resets the integral value with I The Digital Operator connection was broken during After disconnecting the connectors and then Inverter operation. VSG Page 33 – Chapter 2. Revision History A manual revision 3g3fvv appears as a suffix to the catalog number on the front 3h3fv of the manual. Summary Of Flux Vector Control Functions, Flux Vector Control Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Flux Vector Control This section summarizes the functions that can be used with flux vector control vector control with PG feedback and then provides 3g3fg explanations of the functions that are specific to flux vector control.

Speed information for another mechanical system is input as target values, and synchronized control is executed by feeding back actual speeds.


Page Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Note When the S-curve characteristic time is set, the acceleration and deceleration times will be lengthened as follows: The default setting does not normally need to be changed. Page Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Electronic Thermal Time Characteristics In this example, L is set to 1 minute, the motor is operating at 60 Hz, and general-purpose motor characteristics are used.


Setting Input Voltage It is not serviceable at V-class, 5 kW, or V-class, 15 kW, or less. Combining proportional Pintegral Iand deriva- tive D control makes control possible even for a mechanical system with dead time.

Speed Loop asr Structure Puts the Unit in initialize mode. The main circuit smoothing condenser has ex- ceeded its life expectancy. Chapter 2 Installation Wiring Around the Main Circuit System reliability and noise resistance are affected by the wiring method used.

The second digit below the decimal point is set by bits 8x104x10and 2x10so the settings are made in units of 0. Chapter 1 Introduction H Protection Setting for Motors for Vector Control Parameter E Kanual special protection setting has been provided for vector-control motors, which have high resistance to overloads even at low speeds.

Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Flux Vector Control This section summarizes the functions that can be used with flux vector control vector control with PG feedback and then provides detailed explanations of the functions that are specific to flux vector control.

Chapter maanual Preparing for Operation Modified Constants Mode The modified constants mode is used to display or change parameters that have been changed from their factory-preset values. Lit when there is a forward command input. Advanced Note This parameter cannot be changed during operation. Page Chapter 6 Advanced Operation falls below the excitation level ba position control loop is formed and the motor is stopped.

Select peripheral devices which meet the specifications and wire correctly. Installation Site Chapter 2 Installation H Direction and Dimensions Install the Inverter on a vertical surface so that the characters on the nameplate are oriented upward.

OMRON SYSDRIVE 3G3FV Series Inverters

Maximum Applicable Motor Capacity 0. Voltage class Model Terminal An incorrect power supply may result in fire, injury, or malfunction. Remove the heat source. Chapter 3 Preparing for Operation 3g3gv Conditions for Monitoring The following tables show the items that can be monitored in operation mode. Standard Connection Diagram The output current of the Inverter is comparatively high.


This is extremely hazardous.

The vibration will be reduced as the integral time Maual is lengthened. Page Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Parameter Settings The following table shows the setting information for the multi-function outputs.

Chapter 6 Advanced Operation When a shock is generated at startup, increase the setting for the starting-torque compensation time constant C Run commands are ignored during deceleration time. Adjust this setting when a torque limit or torque control is being used and the output torque varies with the ambient temperature. This is the factory-set default. Option Parameters f Be sure to install the Cards in their correct locations. Mounting The Digital Operator Chapter 2 Installation Mounting the Front Cover Mount the front cover to the Inverter by taking in reverse order to the steps to remove the front cover after wiring the terminals.

Installation and Mounting Install the Inverter according to the installation conditions. Mode Accessible parameters Operation The Quick-start level parameters can be displayed. When the voltage limit restricted by the input power supply is reached near the rated motor speed, vector control cannot be established and speed accuracy will be reduced.

Vibration will occur if this setting is too short. Chapter 2 Installation H Countermeasures against Harmonics With the continuing development of electronics, the generation of harmonics from industrial machines has been causing problems recently.

Setting The Zero-speed Operation Parameters The run command is ON and voltage is being output. Caution The Inverter might be damaged when using the fault restart function. Chapter 4 Trial Operation Check the values on the motor nameplate and set each of the parameters.

Page 79 Chapter 2 Installation Solderless Terminals for Control Circuit Terminals The use of solderless terminals for the control circuit terminals is recommended because solderless terminals are easy to connect securely.