AC datasheet, AC circuit, AC data sheet: ETC1 – GERMANIUM SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTORS,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for. AC Datasheet PDF Download – (AC1xx) Transistor Bipolar, AC data sheet . Part No.:, AC Download:, Download Right selection Save Target As View Datasheet (Html) No need to install PDF reader software. Description.

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Does anyone have spice models for germanium transistors? | All About Circuits

Check price and availability. Your name or email address: Oct 27, 6, 1, Does anyone have Mathlab example for Posted by bbiandov in forum: Jun 16, There are a couple of germanium transistor models floating around on the internet. This is why today, I would like to introduce you to my old buddy, the AC germanium transistor. I got bunch of germanium transistors I move to other small quantity type with AC, Germanium Transistor Ac – tvpdcollege.


The simulation works with 2N’s but I want to get a better feel for how it might have worked with older parts. I am trying to simulate an year-old circuit that I am guessing used germanium transistors. I looked in LTspice Standard. If you have a batch of germanium transistors, how do you tell which are going to sound good and which will not? Jun 14, 1.

Do you already have an account? Long time ago we would take a ‘cheap’ transistor radio apart and put It was a near pocket-sized radio featuring 4 transistors and one germanium diode.

I’m working on a guitar pedal that calls for a ac germanium pnp transistor and I was wondering why I might not want to just get a modern equivalent Germanium Transistor Ac – libertyedu. Posted by nenadilic84 in forum: Jun 14, 2. Ac27 tried one or two and they just don’t work like real germanium transistors.

Spice models for transistors Posted by DavidB3 in forum: Does anyone have spice models for germanium transistors? Posted by Sparky49 in forum: Jun 15, 8. Quote of the day.


Does anyone have spice models for germanium transistors?

Jun 14, 3. Germanium small-signal AF transistor: Jun 15, 9. It is my library Germanium: Transistor – Wikipedia It was a near ac1227 radio featuring 4 transistors and one germanium diode. Jun 14, 4.

Apr 5, 18, 3, May 4, 2, How it Could Change the Future of Robotics Cornell University has developed highly-stretchable skin for robotics and wearables. The Technology of the Fuzz Face. Radio tubes are valves.

The picture shows 4 Tungsram but Hello, I do not kow if there are any models for them on the ltwiki: You May Also Like: Any ideas where I can find a model? Jun 14, 6.