Acalypha L. Species. Acalypha alopecuroides Jacq. = Acalypha alopecuroidea var. glandulifera Klotzsch. = Acalypha alopecuroides f. polycephala . Acalypha alopecuroides is a species of plants with 0 observations. You are here: Home / Plant Details. Acalypha alopecuroides Jacq. Family: Euphorbiaceae. Synonyms: PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES. Growth Habit(s): herb.

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Acalypha plicata is frequent in the Andean zones of Colombia and Peru, but has not been found in Ecuador alopecuroided it is also likely to be present.

Acalypha alopecuroides (Euphorbiaceae) image at

Acalypha padifolia Kunth in Humb. Alolecuroides with dry deciduous forest, savanna and thickets. This work was updated by Ulloa Ulloa and Neill alopdcuroides, who added another four species of Acalyphabut none in the second update Neill and Ulloa Ulloa The specimen deposited in the B herbarium was destroyed.

Smithsonian Contributions to Botany Generally associated to secondary woods and thickets, also with savanna and deciduous forest, mainly on sandy and humid soils.

The last treatment of the whole genus was made by Pax and Hoffmanon wich 18 species were recorded in Ecuador Table 1. Acalypha padifolia 12a Plants with both unisexual and bisexual inflorescences 13 12b Alopecurojdes with all the inflorescences unisexual 14 13a Leaf blade generally triangular-lanceolate, palmately nerved 4.


African Journal of Biotechnology

Acalypha villosa 1b Leaf blade pinnately nerved, brightly colored minute resinous droplets absent 2 2a Female inflorescences paniculate. Acalypha ostryfolia has not been found in Ecuador. Petioles more than 1 cm long.

Upper and lower montane rainforests, mainly disturbed. The four species added by Ulloa Ulloa and Neill are accepted. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Gaining ground on one of the most recalcitrant clades in the angiosperm tree of life. In lower and upper montane rain- forests.

Acalypha cuspidata 13b Leaf blade elliptic-lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, pinnately nerved 6. Amazonian, Andean and Coastal, 0— m.

Some duplicates of this collection from G and W herbaria also show an original label with the numberin addition of CardielUlloa Ulloa and Neill Support Center Support Center. They thrive in a wide variety of habitats, from tropical rainforests to subdesertic areas, and from sea level up to meters of altitude. Acalypha scandens 16a Female inflorescences extremely densely flowered, with the axis hidden; bracts non-accrescent 9.


Acalypha arvensis 4b Young branches and leaves with glandular hairs; leaf blade acuminate; styles unbranched 1.

EPPO Global Database

Asplund holotype S! The Coastal region is defined as below meters elevation, from west of the Andes to the coast, while the Amazonian region is defined in the same altitudinal range to the east of the Andes. The synonym Acalypha eggersii Pax was described from a single collection F.

American Journal of Botany Acalypha alopecuroided, Ecuador, Euphorbiaceae, lectotypification, species identification. We indicate the total number of collections reviewed per taxa and one representative specimen voucherindicating alopecurokdes herbaria acronym where it is deposited.

Acalypha alopecuroides – Wikispecies

Female bracts subtriangular at maturity, with the central tooth prominent, lanceolate, acuminate. LevinCardiel A global directory of public herbaria and associated staff. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Poeppig described Acalypha cuneata based on four Peruvian collections: