The following code works but my instinct tells me this is not good coding and might cause me issues later, any suggestions? If it helps define. Command button for application follow hyperlink in Access: Hello, I have a simple database that I am trying to use to learn. It has 1 table. Hyperlink Method (Access). The FollowHyperlink method opens the document or Web page specified by a hyperlink address.

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DanielPineault View Member Profile. When the FollowHyperlink is used on a button it does not.

Underneath it all, although this code gives more control, it is still using the followhyperlink method – and that is what is now exhibiting this new problem under Windows 10 it seems. It doesn’t “fix” FollowHyperlink as such, but my intent is to open the files in rollowhyperlink most trouble free way I can, rather than to open them by a particular method.

I almost always store the file name as text, then assemble the file name and path and use ShellExecute.


ExtraInfo Optional Variant A string or an array of Byte data that specifies additional information for navigating to a hyperlink. So cookies doesn’t entirely explain the difference between the two. The default value is False. Jan 18 Mihai Adrian 1 I was so narrowly focused on hyperlinks, and solving why one worked and the other didn’t, a shell wasn’t even on my radar. HeaderInfo Optional String A string that specifies header information.

Sign up using Email and Password. Did you try opening the page using Shell Function? Sign up followhtperlink Facebook.

I have Windows 10 Photos app set as the default. It works perfectly when copied and pasted into Chrome. The location within the target document. A String or byte array that specifies additional information for HTTP to use to resolve the hyperlink.

Why one would work and the other wouldn’t? A Boolean value where True?

vba – FollowHyperlink in Access issue – Stack Overflow

Works like a charm. A string expression that evaluates to a named location in the document specified by the address argument. By default the headerinfo argument is a zero-length string. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub.


I don’t have a fix to your direct issue, but I do have a workaround. As the Sub procedure runs, browser will open. Example The following function prompts a user for a hyperlink address and then follows the hyperlink: Thanks for your suggestion BruceM, I have not tested that but expect it will also do the trick. Search this forum only? Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Hyperlinks: warnings, special characters, errors

The defaut value is an empty string. The below example downloads and opens the file followhypelrink cache. You don’t need to include the question mark when you specify the extrainfo argument. A string that specifies header information. Remarks By using the FollowHyperlink method, you can follow a hyperlink that doesn’t exist in a control.