Acem Meditation is preferably practiced daily, either as two minute sessions, or as one continuous minute meditation. The technique. Sound plays a central role in many forms of meditation, including Acem Meditation. What is it about sound that stimulates relaxation as well as. For full disclosure – I am an assistant instructor in Acem Meditation and just happen to run into this as I was looking something up. I do not know TM but I practice.

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A slow heart rate is usually considered to meditayion relaxation. Runners practising meditation had lower lymphocyte counts at rest before the race. Research indicates that the most pronounced health benefits come from relaxation techniques allowing spontaneous thoughts to pass freely.

Others use the method when they feel the need. The Acem method is not based on any meditagion belief system or ideology. For instance, a tense person may repeat the meditation sound too forcefully, while an evasive person may tend to be more passive in his meditation. The training is suitable both for first-timers and people with previous experience from Acem’s communication courses.

The method

Relaxation is presented as a basic effect of Acem Meditation. Evidence-based The understanding and teaching of meditation is based on first-hand experience and in line with scientific research and psychological perspectives. An Introductory Companion A comprehensive description of Acem Meditation, with practical, psychological and existential perspectives. Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Knots and ties unravel, stress and worries gradually give way to a calmer frame of mind.


These courses emphasise group dynamics and encourage discussion of one’s practice.

This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat Evidence-based The understanding and teaching of meditation is based on first-hand experience and in line with scientific research and psychological perspectives.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Many meditate one half-hour every morning and evening, or once a day for 45 medtiation.

If you are already an adept practitioner of a type of meditation that uses a sound or a mantra, you will probably find the transition to Acem Meditation easy. In Acem Meditation, you repeat a meditation sound mentally without effort, while thoughts and impressions are allowed to come and go freely. The study was performed over several years in six different workplaces. Stress arising from uncomfortable emotions can be dealt with through meditation. Less worried and nervous Participants in a scientific study recently conducted on a medittation of healthy working professionals in large Norwegian corporations reported less worry and nervousness after starting meditation.

According to Acem, this increases relaxation effects and stimulates long-term processes of personal growth. More present “Meditation has given me strength and helped me to focus on what I find important”.

Acem Meditation – Wikipedia

One of his studies shows that Acem Meditation reduces heart rate, blood pressureand muscular tension. In a study on the effect of medktation on immune cells, Erik Solberg found that long term practice of meditation may influence absolute lymphocyte counts at rest. It is best to meditate in a quiet and undisturbed room.


How to learn To learn Acem Meditation, you must meditatjon in a beginner’s course. Retrieved August 21, Limitations may apply, due to instructor availability.

Acem Meditation offers beginner’s courses, courses for established meditators, and retreats with long meditations. Works well for me “Acem Meditation is my best tool for reducing pressure from my job. Ten minutes is better than nothing. It is best to meditate in a quiet and undisturbed room. Afterwards you feel refreshed, zcem and often more creative.

Over time the individuals ability to endure stress may also be increased as a result of regular meditation. Experienced meditators of all kinds who have turned to Acem Meditation have found that it enhances the long-term adem of meditating regularly. Communication course 25 May – 2 June This course is a rare opportunity to explore your personality and the way you interact with others in an open and reflective atmosphere.

Better sleep, fewer worries, less nervousness and less bodily pain are among the results of the regular practice of Acem Meditation. Reviews of Meditation Research A must read for everyone who wants an update on what science knows about meditation today.