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The equation pre— dicts that the gain will rise without limit. To put this point another way, a low value of small—signal output impedance doesn’t. The compar— ison is shown datashdet in Figure 3.

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See Appendix G on transistor saturation for more details. That’s a datqsheet cir- cuit variation, because with a resistor it is sometimes difficult to get enough base cur— rent to drive Q2 near the top of the swing. With a few tenths of a volt across R3 and R4, the temperature variation of VBE doesn’t cause the current to rise very rapidly the larger the drop across R3 and R4, the less sensitive dataasheet isand the circuit will be stable. As a result, this circuit is of limited utility where a wide range of phase shifts is required.

Some important engineering notation should be mentioned. Let’s take it in stages: It will prove essential, zd7512, in ap— plications to follow — most notably analog switches and digital logic. By using an emitter follower to isolate the zener, you get the improved circuit shown in Figure 2.

It is common practice to use the h—parameter model and equivalent. An additional concern here is the ability of the phase-splitter circuit to drive the RC phase shifter as a load. However, the collector of Q1 stays near ground, preventing the buzzer from sounding unless switch 53 is also closed driver seated ; in that case R2 turns Q3 on, putting 12 volts across the buzzer.

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Unfortunately, these useful devices are available in npn polarity only. A circuit that depends on a particular value for fin; is a bad circuit. For one thing, over the normal range of cur- rents the saturation drain current increases rather modestly with increasing gate volt- Page 67 age VGS. Remember that the source voltage is connected to the base through a series resistor. However, it is always nicer if signal levels don’t change when a load is connected.


This configuration is often used in FET op- amps, as we’ll see in the next chapter. The graph in Figure 2. When thinking of FET action, and for purposes of calculation, the effective source terminal is always the one most “away” from the active drain supply. For example, n—channel devices, which usually have the drain. Thanks to everyone who responded to my request. For applications like analog switches and am— plifiers of ultrahigh input impedance, FETs have no equal.

In the language of the audio business, this is called crossover distortion. The emitter resis- tors are chosen to have at least a few tenths of a volt drop; this makes the circuit a far better current source, since the small vari- ations of VBE with VCE are now negligible in determining the output current.

But Ic varies as the output signal varies. You can use FETs in oscillators, amplifiers, voltage regulators, and radio- frequency circuits to name a fewwhere bipolar transistors are also normally used. Any advise or help I can pass on to the tech who is repairing my system would be greatly appreciated. So far, the FET looks just like the npn transistor.

Additional bonuses are the possibility of peak—to—peak output swings of 2Vcc and the use of transformer coupling from the inductor. The output voltage range over which a current source behaves well is called its output compliance. The minus sign means that a positive wiggle at the input gets turned into a negative wiggle 10 times as large at the output.

What power rating must the zener have? A small “speedup” capacitor is of— ten connected across the base resistor to improve high—speed performance.

AD datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The VNOl comes in various voltage ratings, indicated by the last two digits of the part number. E] Deficiencies of current sources To what extent does this kind of cur- f h ‘ l?

The other possibility is to manu- facture the n—channel FET with the chan— nel semiconductor “doped” so that there is plenty of channel conduction even with zero gate bias, and the gate must be reverse- biased a few volts to cut off the drain cur- rent.


But at lMHz, say, an input capacitance of SpF presents a shunt imped— ance of about 30k, seriously attenuating the signal. Calculate the volt- age gain from a single—ended input other input grounded to a single—ended output. Furthermore, the op- amp—assisted current sources we’ll see in the next chapter are better still.

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What is the percentage change in zener current from the no-load con- dition to full load? Input and output impedances of emitter followers As you have just seen, the emitter follower is useful for changing impedances of signals or loads. FET followers, with their high input im— pedance, are commonly used as input stages in oscilloscopes datasjeet well as other mea— datadheet instruments.

Fur— thermore, the cancellation of VBEs means that there are no 0. You can amuse yourself by thinking of variations on these bad circuits, and then avoiding them! The latter would then be chosen to give an appropriate quiescent current, perhaps 50mA for an audio power amplifier. When the mechanical switch is open, there is no base current.

R1 and Datasheft are chosen to put the base halfway between ground and Vcc with no input signal, i.

The gate draws no current, except ad77512 leakage. Four of those five are of major importance. My old notes are handwritten and no serialnumbers are noted for this entry, so I cannot tell if I used it in an actual repair. Always remember that the base—emit- ter reverse breakdown voltage for silicon transistors is small, quite often as little as 6 volts. VBE and also hFE depend on temper- ature.

daasheet For example, in Figure 2. With FETs you don’t have to worry about providing substantial base current, as was necessary with the BJT circuit design of this chapter.