Aethra, the Aethra logo and Vega X3 are registered trademarks of Aethra SpA in Italy and in other Countries. All other company and product names may be. The information contained in this document is the property of Aethra SpA., it is Vega® X3 is a very high-performance system at the cutting-edge of set-top. View and Download Aethra Vega X3 use and installation manual online. Aethra Vega X3 Webcams: User Guide. Vega X3 Conference System pdf manual.

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Start Page of DFNconf. Multiconference Setup Before activating a multiconference session, configuration is required. These limits can be different in transmission and reception, a very useful function on ADSL networks. Go to next slide. Page 93 A second solution is the improvement of the network by the introduction of an ALG, but this is intrusive and potentially expensive.

For an installation check the device offers a lot of self-tests, even a simulation of the other side is possible. You can select desired phonebook by means of drop-down menu: Selecting this mode, the system shows two side-by-side equal-sized pictures: A page will appear, where is possible to: There are two options: The five available options are: Start a web browser on your PC.

Data Conference with Microsoft NetMeeting 3. Don’t have an account? The following three submenus are available for this purpose: An international country code will be automatically provided. Adjust the following parameters manually should the address not been given dynamically: Aethra vega X3 Technical Specifications 2 pages. Local video will no longer be transmitted. If this checkbox is not selected, the System will request the video number and offer by default the same number as the one used by audio.


Enter text from picture: Page 95 An example of a firewall ALG follows.

Aethra Vega X3 Use And Installation Manual

Note that some configuration parameters can be modified only when no connection is active. Settings Audio Video Data The following page will be displayed: Futhermore, it can be set up to a device code.

At this point, several items of information concerning the connection are displayed: Videoconference tips Tips to improve a virtual meeting, to optimize audio-video transmission and reception, and to fully enjoy all videoconference benefits.

During this procedure, follow the instructions displayed on the monitor. To aethraa correct system operation, following parameters should be set: To Reselect an Incoming or Outgoing Call Incoming calls are indicated with a green arrow while outgoing ones are indicated with a red one; a cyclic buffer of 60 numbers is available to store calls.

The declaration of conformity maybe obtained from: The icon will appear in the video window indicating that the remote terminal is no longer receiving video from local terminal. Aethra offers AES coding when the H.

The complete network path connecting two IP terminals must have a constant available bandwidth for the whole aethhra of the connection.

Stopping the video right after the first error; Max Fluency: This enables a user on a local network to exploit the System as a kind of bridge in order to manage T. Start with the configuration menus.


All necessary connection cables except DVImicrophone and remote control are included in delivery. An overview of the setup menu is displayed. Connecting A Personal Computer Connecting a personal computer The System can be connected to a personal computer either directly or via a network LAN in order to update software, change remote settings or perform diagnostic tests.

  LEY 20620 PDF

In this area icons related to actual system status are shown.

A list will appear, and numbers can be selected and modified. Terminal test This option performs an internal test aetura the system. Audio Audio You can access the following submenus: Inputs Processing Outputs and adjust the ringing and sound volume. The MCU, if not enabled by default, must be enabled by entering an enabling code supplied by the manufacturer. Select the assigned Icon and press OK so as to set a speed dialing.

The Vega X3 is an Aethra video conference system. From here you can access the following submenus: Show active speaker video flow. The transmissions were very well in terms of readability and colour fidelity. Aeyhra the code box. Pressing any button stops the test immediately. Updating software Download the update to a folder on a connected PC. The surface of the device is very colourful and appears to be a little unstructured. Country; Video Standard; Cameras Frequency.