AFI 36-2504 PDF

Effective immediately, Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , Officer Promotion, Continuation and Selective Early Removal. AIR FORCE INSTRUCTIONS (AFI) AFI Fitness Program AFI Systems AFI Officer Promotions and Selective Continuation AFI . AIR FORCE INSTRUCTIONS (AFI) AFI Information Security Program AFI Officer Promotions and Selective Continuation AFI Officer.

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Remove when member retires, separates without immediate return or continuation on active dutyor dies. Retain waivers less than 1 year old for individuals released from active duty. Prepare and send classified individual military personnel records per AFI It is used when a specific subsystem is not being referenced.

However, the member may claim it is in error. Remove when a later issue RIP from the same component is produced. BoxSt Louis, MOwithin 5 workdays after retirement for individuals not filing a claim for VA disability at time of retirement. Designee—A person who is authorized access to information in master personnel records and is authorized to request master personnel records. Remove when member is removed from retraining status. Placement and Custody of the FRGp.

When the decision is to file the Ai in the OSR, the commander provides the officer with an information copy of the decision memorandum and forwards the original to the servicing military personnel flight Career Enhancement element.

3-2504 Lt Colonels and below, keep Article 15 on file in the selection record until the officer is afforded one in promotion zone IPZ or above promotion zone APZ consideration for colonels it is the first or subsequent consideration to brigadier generaland subsequent approved appeal to have the Article 15 removed from the OSR is received. Use this form to replace any lost or destroyed certificate of retirement from the Air Force issued only to service members. Thereafter, one copy ari each report rendered is to be filed.


General Officers Selection Record.


File copy in UPRG when used to serve as source document for prior service members. Other organizations should request support through the Director of Personnel DP channels. Col and Col-selectee selection records see note 2 ; general officer selection records see note 3. When rules 2 and 9 apply, then it refers to after final appellate review. Remove on completion of initial active duty affi commitment. Not maintained in OCSR for officers below the grade of colonel.

Screen the UPRG versus atch 2 for temporary documents required to be removed; staple these documents together and give them to the member. The name that appears on the appointment memorandum or DD Formis the official name in Air Force files until changed under this instruction. Do not correct records of former members unless evidence proves the SSN used while serving with the Air Force was incorrect or ari recorded.

File in section of AF Form 10 listed for form which is replaced. Do record audits for Category A members in two steps. File only when form pertains to permanent disqualification.

afl Send health record group with FRGp. MPFs may perform face-to-face RRev in groups of not more than 25 people. Medical and Dental Record Inventory. Place citations for all awarded decorations listed in AFI on the left side of the folder.

Classified Individual Military Personnel Documents. Remove on expiration of contract. Remove when member retires, separates without immediate return or continuation on active dutyor dies; or punishment is set aside under UCMJ, Article 15 d or e. Give the member the temporary documents listed below: If the member does not agree with the data on the AF Formbegin corrections.



Officers with former enlisted service. Retain for personnel released from active duty and transferred to the Reserves. AF Formwhen used as an enlistment order see item If the record custodian signs the folder, place the following remarks on the inside lower left-hand corner of the folder: If found, drop in the nearest US mail box.

As a result, many Air Force officers who were previously promoted or considered under the dual promotion system were provided “grandfather” protection.

Agencies that provide copies of DD Form or their equivalent will conspicuously affix an “official seal or stamp” on them to indicate that these documents are copies made from official United States Air Force military personnel records.

Officer not rated due to placement on the Temporary Disability Retired List. When used as enlistment order or to show AFSC conversion or upgrade. Know your retirement options Chief Master Sgt. A document in the MPerRGp may be the original, or the designated copy, and may be the only existing copy. Dispose of documents removed during screening according to paragraph 2. If a citation is missing, use a copy of the special order that awarded the decoration.

Afo only Originals for grades of master affi, senior master sergeant, and chief master sergeant. During contingency or emergency conditions, certain procedures must be implemented to ensure integrity of the military personnel records system and to streamline procedures to meet mission requirements.

UP- 4 T Remove on reenlistment or voluntary extension of enlistment.