Alastair Reynolds redefines Hell in this award-winning novel that confirms him as “the most exciting space opera writer working today”(Locus). The once-utopian. Alastair Reynolds redefines Hell in this award-winning novel that confirms him as “the most exciting space opera writer working today”(Locus). Chasm City is a stand alone novel by author Alastair Reynolds, set in the Revelation Space universe. It deals with themes of identity, memory, and.

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It is basically a standalone with brief mentions of some things from that book. Chasm City Revelation Space. This weekend is not a technical book or one filled with physics and mathematics. I must say I am impressed. Reynolds is one of my very favorite authors and I now have read what might be my favorite novel of his.

The once-utopian Chasm City—a domed human settlement on an otherwise inhospitable planet—has been overrun by a virus known as the Melding Plague, capable of infecting any body, organic or computerized. It was the same thing whether the lights belonged to a caravel battling the swell on a stormy horizon or a diamond-hulled starship which had just sliced its way through interstellar space.

View all 32 comments. On the face of it, the book may initially seem like a straightforward story of revenge. Decent action scenes, with super hightech gorgeous lithe hunters and grimmey genetically modified pigs that will eat you.

You have to take the cabinet apart and reassemble it. The science is plausible and invariably explained as a natural part of the story, though occasionally he kept me waiting for the explanation rather longer than I wanted.

The cashier told me that the store moves on, and was ages chzsm in publisher land. In a calculated move to reach the planet before any of the other ships, Sky jettisoned all of the sleeping passengers. The main one concerns Tanner Mirabel’s attempt to track down and kill Argent Reivich for revenge. Having recently finished another novel about a generation shipI was struck by certain similarities though I much prefer how Reynolds handled it.


Inspired by Your Browsing History. Chasm City is, in my opinion, a near perfect work of SF, melding the brilliant ideas and faraway worlds SF does so well with a strong narrative and sharp prose style that the genre sometimes lacks. Chasm City is in the end not much more than a pulpy adventure tale with influences of noir and hard SF, with bland, basic prose and a plot full of cityy, twists, misdirections and a host of temporary side characters who help Tanner along.

The chazm is perfect for a noir tale, starring apastair, organized crime, immoral aristocracy and lost legends.

The same goes for the few women. I was invested cjasm what was happening to the characters despicable as they were. Chasm City is a rare breed – a complex well-integrated multi-layered plot and a page turner with satisfying pace right up to the end. He begins as an ambitious but sympathetic young man, but through various events he starts to make decisions that take him to the dark side, as he morphs into a power-hungry individual who seeks to take over the starships and destroy his rivals.

Cannot recommend him enough.

What it does to people I will leave you to discover for yourself. Was it the citu Tanner? This could have been done simply through flashbacks, but Reynolds again does something different.

Curious readers may ask can this novel be read without reading the prior book “Revelation Space”. And this i like very much. Virgin jungles of Sky’s Edge, small crews at large ships of flotilla drifting in a deep space, and urban ambient of this mesmerizingly nice megalopolis Chasm City.


After I read the 3 Revelation Space books, this book sat on my shelf for 2 years because I feared that a Reynolds story being confined to a single city would feel claustrophobic. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Chasm City

Write a customer review. You are commenting using your WordPress. So it was said. I came to quite enjoy the Sky flashbacks. The rest of the series, actually. Feb 23, MadProfessah rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fortunately there alastajr an authors introduction to this book that may or may not help new readers. For it is a tale full of darkness and lost glory; full of violence and vengeance.

Chasm City (novel) | Revelation Space Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I thought I alastajr the real Tanner saying at the end of the book how he had killed his partner, and that happened …more I think it was the real Tanner. The main character, Tanner, is an assassin who is on the trail of a man that he intends to kill for revenge. Reynolds transmutes space opera into a nourish, baroque, picaresque mystery tale. I read this in chsam order that it was published as opposed to chronologically. It’s a fun read and first time round, surprising.

But the stakes are raised when his search brings him face to face with a centuries-old atrocity that history would rather forget. In spite of the crime fiction influence the sci-fi aspect of the story is thankfully ciry strongest element. When Tanner wakes up on Yellowstone, he’s lost most of his memory, a result of years of refrigerated sleep in transit.