A article by Amadeo Bordiga on the role which Germany played in the two world wars and which the author expected it to play in a future communist. Writings of Amadeo Bordiga on this server (Italian, French, German, English, Spanish, Russian). [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] . Media in category “Amadeo Bordiga”. The following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. Amadeo 1, × 1,; KB.

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At the time, I had been freed from the police confinement ordered by the Fascists.

Amadeo Bordiga.

And for that reason, it still demands to be read. When the workmate becomes a client. The Left was the first to realise that, whenever the behaviour of the Russian State would start showing signs of deviations — both in internal economy and in international relations — a discrepancy would take place between the politics of the historical party, i. By absorbing all amxdeo the energy and dynamics of the Party, this activity leads to neglecting other, far more vital forms of action for a class-based political party, including the open and — if necessary — violent struggle against the legal and illegal forces that defend the capitalist order.

The group immediately left the hall of the Goldoni theatre and marched down to the San Marco theatre, where the Communist Party of Italy was founded.

The Fundamentals for a Marxist Orientation 4.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. For what ideological and practical reasons did you refuse to advance your candidacy to parliament for the Communist Party at the elections?

In the course of the conflict, Bordiga attended the 2nd Comintern Congress inwhere he added two points to the 19 conditions of membership proposed by Vladimir Lenin.


Amadeo Bordiga and the development of a revolutionary core

This is amdeo collection of, to my knowledge, all the translated writings of Amadeo Bordiga. At that time, whenever the discussion among fellow confinees touched upon a problem concerning our principles and our movement, Antonio and I, as if by tacit agreement, offered to explain to the audience each the position of the other.

What were the basic ideas of this report?

The executive set up its offices first in Milan — in the former customhouse at Porta Venezia — then in Rome at various locations, both open and covert. This synthetic clarification of the doctrinal question must also be quickly related to the historical transitions lying behind us.

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Lenin prevailed and the International ordered that the Italian Socialist Party contest the election. Therefore the big existing proletarian parties are — necessarily and amadfo — opportunist. Search this blog Search.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Worker sabotage in a financial services call centre. Were the masses not willing and ready to fight? Later, when Balbo crossed the Atlantic, the brave workers of Parma wrote in large letters on the banks of the stream the following taunt: This had a positive consequence, since during the creation of the new Communist Party it became possible to exclude both the reformist and the centrist-maximalist elements.

For Bordiga, the party was the social brain of the working class whose task was not to seek majority support, but to concentrate on working for an armed insurrection in the course of which it would seize power and then use it to abolish capitalism and impose a communist society by force.

To this, he counterposed the dictatorship of the proletariat, to be implemented by the communist party, based on the principles and program enunciated in The Communist Manifesto We reject any formula of workerist or labourist party excluding all non-proletarians; as it is a formula belonging to all historical opportunists.


To what extent do you think today that this analysis is legitimate?

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Down with the Bourgeois Republic! In August of the was a last series of great strikes before the March on Rome. The historical situation, in which the proletarian State was only formed in one country, while in the others the conquest of power had not been achieved, made difficult the clear organic solution of leaving in the hands of the Russian section the helm of the world organisation.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Amadeo Bordiga. Here they were naturally thinking of Stalin, but probably also of Mussolini, who was a contemporary of Bordiga on the left wing of the Italian Socialist Party, botdiga dramatically — and shockingly for the Socialist youth — swung towards nationalism on the eve of World War I. Gramsci and I, together, believed bordia this contradiction could only be resolved by separating the old militants into two amadwo organised movements.

Our tactical position consisted in urging the proletarian class party to pursue control not of the factory councils and of the councils of the workshop commissars — as advocated by the Ordine Botdiga group — but rather, above all, of the traditional industrial organisations of the working class.

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