Arbeitsbescheinigung Kundennummer nach Drittes Buch Sozialgesetzbuch ( SGB III) Bitte beachten Sie: Diese Bescheinigung ist eine Urkunde, zu deren. Der Arbeitgeber verpflichtet sich, das Versicherungsnachweisheft und die Arbeitsbescheinigung nach § SGB III dem Arbeitnehmer mit. f. GERMAR RUDOLF, CARLO MATTOGNO · AUSCHWITZ LIES 42 cremation ovens built by us (innerhalb zwei Monaten nach Inbetriebnahme der Ofen auftreten.) Arbeits-Bescheinigung of Messing for the week March ,

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That is what I call a hate speech: Markiewicz and his colleagues to 26 27 E. They are just claiming it, and by doing so, they expose us to the utmost hate of the world. On thesis appearing already in this text of Wellers became one of the main pillars, upon which he rested his critique14 of the Leuchter Report,15 which is why I quote this passage in more detail.

All he tried was an evasive maneuver by claiming that this one case of a Bavarian church was an exception, therefore it proves that blue discolorations do normally not occur. The Times, for instance, has from time to time refused advertisements — like one insisting that a politician killed in a plane crash had himself sabotaged the flight; that claim seemed unjustly unanswerable.

It should have been obvious to you from your researches in the ruins of this cellar that those holes are simply not there. See now Fred A. Why are there deep blue patches at all? Josef Bailer has suggested it may be a pigment from paint.

Thank you very much for the interesting book!


Since according to witness statements the arbeitdbescheinigung died within approximately 5 minutes, they could have raised the CO2-content in this time up to 1 vol. It was not before summer of that I came to understand that moist walls, coupled with a minimum of alkalinity, were the main factors in the formation of Iron Blue in walls exposed to hydrogen cyanide HCN gas. Because the result of this insight was that the confrontation with representatives of the established version become extremely tough.

Most revisionist books can be downloaded for free at www. The impulse to push away the creeping revisionist insinuation, to protect it from the bracing blast of refutation, is shortsighted.


They assert their lack of understanding as a justification for their failure to act. However, as a probably even more valuable replacement, an article of mine was included, which widened the scope and range of the topic by focusing on the currently latest outcrop of this controversy after it had spilled into the English speaking world with a paper published in the journal Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Wegner had decided to refute the revisionists.

The problem arbeitsbeschdinigung this approach is that Dr. Reacting to this, Green stated with malicious dialectics: That seems to me wicked. Thousands of crematories all over the world consuming large amounts of energy are the best proof of that.

However that might have worked, one thing is for sure: I would like to remind you that you as a researcher should have an interest in finding the best-possible approximation to the truth and not in incriminating or exoneration some system which has disappeared long time arbeitsbesccheinigung.

But if these holes do not exist, there was no way to commit the claimed gassings, so that the entire basis collapses on which the Holocaust story rests: Zimmermann, where arbeitsbeacheinigung church developed dark blue discolorations after just one gassing, was certainly due to the fact that in this case a fresh layer of cement plaster was added just a month before, which had therefore not completely set and was thus moist and alkaline. Cyanide compounds of the type of Iron Blue can form as a result of HCN gassings, which then stain the walls with blue patches.

When trying to prove mass extermination in Auschwitz, Pressac always falls back on witness statements, which he fails to analyze critically and expertly. With reference to the arguments listed in my expert report, Engl.

§ SGB III Leistungsentgelt

This conclusion is not only based on chemical arguments, but in particular also on technical and architectural facts. Pressac, together with Robert van Pelt, in: Instytut Ekspertyz Sadowych im. Markiewicz and his colleagues, during the test fumigations performed by them, at least confirmed that moist cement mortar as was used in the morgues of crematoria II and III absorbs at least ten times more hydrogen cyanide than dry lime mortar as used in the disinfestation chambersas I had assumed for my calculations in my own expert report.


He went so nadh as to claim that ordinary corpses were cremated without fuel, since they contained enough fat to burn by themselves: Inthe already mentioned Leuchter Report of American expert for execution technologies Fred Leuchter was published. Because if Faurisson is right that this progress still does not suffice scientific expectations, this would only shed a bad light on the quality of all the rest of exterminationist publications.

Regarding the mechanism cf. The few chemical questions Dr.

Auschwitz-Lies. Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust – PDF Free Download

They do not pretend to be fullfledged studies. The gaseous HCN produced is fed through an alkaline solution by a stream of air.

Another point reflects even worse on the chemical competence of the three Polish authors: Two meals a day were shoved in to them through a slot in the door. This needed to be considered. And so, even though his writings are scientifically questionable, Pressac was without doubt the most politically successful revisionist to date.

Yet Green refused to admit the unavoidable consequence of this: After I made him aware of the evidence proving him wrong,21 he corrected this and even conceded that the execution times claimed by basically all witnesses are said to have been very short.

Everyone has his own political views. In both cases the walls were cool and moist, and their alkaline cement-plaster had been applied just a few weeks before the — in the case of the gas chambers: Carbon dioxide in the air can slowly dissolve alkali cyanides.

Robert Faurisson and managed to obey only to the demands of the truth. In such cases I recommend to use anonymizing websites like www. Table 3 lists the results of analysis of HCN arbeitsbeschfinigung gassings that were carried out by the Polish authors under different conditions.

Water activates many chemical processes. Rigoros Ignorance Equipped arbeitsbescheinugung such a lack of knowledge and an ignorance that can hardly be surpassed, Dr.