Global Tech I, for which the group will supply 80 M wind turbines, is the only offshore wind project to have raised debt financing in excess. AREVA Wind proudly unveiled the latest product extension of its M product platform: the M Specification of Offshore Wind Turbine M, Areva Wind, Information includes Operating Data, Rotor, Power Regulation, Electrical Data, Gearbix, Blades.

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Areva Wind, the wind turbine manufacturer from Bremerhaven, has teamed up with a development company Energiekontor Besides longer and slender rotor blades, Areva added several additional design features like a new nacelle design aimed at easier assembly, improved serviceability, and enhanced health and safety performance. The M will also provide significantly higher energy at lower wind speed sites, while remaining an ideal fit for the harsh conditions of high wind speed sites.

The new m rotor diameter, combined with a light design and an improved nacelle, reduces the cost of energy while maximizing customer revenues. This relatively low weight facilitates the transport and erection of the turbines; a crucial factor when working on the open sea.

Have you registered with us yet? The hub height is 90 m LATand the diameter of the rotor is m. In-depth news, analysis, market insight and trends.

Coincidentally, Huby seems to have been replaced by a specialist in quality control. Have you registered with us yet?

General data

Careful quality control and Areva’s worldwide unique 10, PS teststand bring further quality security,” Windreich said. When Windpower Monthly questioned Trianel on whether there is a problem with component defects, the developer said to ask Areva. Register now to enjoy more articles and free email bulletins.


Retrieved 13 June The blades factory was acquired in from Prokon Nord Energiesysteme, from which Areva also acquired the “Multibrid” offshore wind turbine technology in In-depth news, analysis, market insight and trends.

By introducing the M and its improved performance, AREVA m500 making a major contribution to making offshore wind energy more competitive. An Ambitious Growth Path”. The m5000 will bring together senior representatives from European energy suppliers, developers‚Ķ. Retrieved from ” https: Areva Wind is a subsidiary of Arevaa French nuclear company.

Each turbine can produce enough electricity to power 4, to 5, homes. This could delay or even jeopardise Areva Wind’s supply of turbines to Windreich’s 80 turbine MEG 1 offshore station project, which had hoped to reach financial close in June Archived from the original on 20 September Retrieved 22 February How Dong achieved a landmark strike price Analysis: A prototype is planned for Q with series production start expected in the second half of You must be logged in to post a comment.

Contact Legal notice Cookies Policy. AREVA Wind manufactures and designs the AREVA M, a 5 Megawatt wind energy converter for offshore wind farms in the production facility in Bremerhaven, a location which also offers best conditions for installation, service and transportation on the high seas. This came just two days after Areva’s document containing the component warning had been released.

AREVA M5000-135

The design of the M turbine, which is exclusively designed for offshore conditions, is a unique hybrid drive solution combining best-in-class quality standards and unique offshore services to meet customer needs.


The turbine was one of the first turbines with journal bearings in the gearbox, known for their compactness and long lifetime, high-load bearing capability and resistance to impact loads. The new light nacelle design, adapted to harsh sea conditions, offers simplified maintenance work and optimized health and safety. Areva Blades production facility is in Stade, near Hamburg, where the Areva nuclear division is dismantling a nuclear sreva station. Views Read Edit View history. But the Areva group’s liability insurance “may also be brought to bear”, implying it too will have to shoulder additional costs.

VIDEO: AREVA M Offshore Wind Turbine | Offshore Wind

The event will bring together senior executives active in the offshore wind industry in Asia‚Ķ. But just two weeks after that, on 5 SeptemberWindreich filed for insolvency. Stay signed in for 30 days. Areva said 16 October that “it is not the rotor blade but a component inside the rotor blade” that is at issue and that “the problem has been resolved.

The reduced weight of the nacelle also allows for cost-effective tower and foundation structures. Areva’s M was the offshore turbine of the year [30].

Also adding to Areva’s uncertainties, if Balz sells Baltic Eagle and Ostseeschatz, the cooperation agreement with Balz could be torn up by the new owner. Stay signed in for 30 days.