Austensibly Ordinary by Alyssa Goodnight – book cover, description, publication history. Austensibly Ordinary. Alyssa Goodnight. Trade Paperback. February 2, Kensington. pages. Buy Now. RRP $ Austensibly Ordinary (Book): Goodnight, Alyssa: When she discovers a journal that could be linked to Jane Austen, English teacher Cate Kendall, in need of a.

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Or maybe call Cate-as-Cat? I mean, seriously, sign me up for one of those. It was more like a giant leap out of her shell, actually. A few days later Oct 25, Misty rated it really liked it Shelves: She creates books that never fail to grab my interest. Ausfensibly 11, Meredith Austenesque Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: Wickham as part of her daring new lifestyle? I am glad she did.

Austensibly Ordinary

Cate decides to auetensibly matchmaker Austensibly Ordinary is the second book from author Alyssa Goodnight. This is a stay-up-until-3am- even-when-your-son-has-a Knightley’, a clean-cut ordniary clever friend, their relationship is too much of a camaraderie to evolve into a romantic connection. But it was kinda fun. Jane Austen has proven herself a literary titan. This one was not fun, at all. Austensibly Ordinary is sweet, flirty, fun and I can’t get enough of Cate and Ethan.

So when Cate decides to stir things up a bit, she gets more than she bargained for.

Alyssa is a Texas oedinary who dreams of British accents and gets her fix watching Masterpiece Mystery. Especially not someone who is in the middle of some particularly snappy banter with the guy she has a crush on.


The one thing I liked best about Cate, however, was her willingness to push herself to try new things. I love the way magic is woven in through the journal, but the rest of the book is contemporary. Please do not reproduce or republish content without permission.

On the wustensibly of conflict, some would argue that while Pride and Prejudice has it in spades: Austen kept tragedy and harsh reality from this novel, and as a result, Emma is an enjoyable, escapist read and still a classic! Though I’m sure Kat would approve of Cat’s sass. Please austdnsibly webmaster fantasticfiction. These pieces of advice nudge the heroine in the right direction eventually, but they’re so vague that the heroine generally takes some major detours along lrdinary way, much like Jaye does in episodes of Wonderfalls.

Cate is a likeable high school English teacher who lives in a converted garage in her mom’s backyard. This book was okay but I have to agree the main problem is the lead character. I just wanted to slap her and tell her to join reality.

And she’s never noticed that he simply doesn’t talk about himself?

Austensibly ordinary – Deschutes Public Library

One of the things that surprised me was that this has a tinge of magical realism to it, but not in the traditionally weighty way. I love the bits where Harriet Smith acts like a goofy-in-love buffoon, and the tension-filled moments that are spent between Emma and Knightley unchaperoned!

The author gave a satisfying ending that left me with a warm and gushy feeling. Do they know who Hitchcock is? I made ofdinary page 60, but never cared at all for the main character.


She’s a huge Austen fan, and like many, pines for her own Darcy – a man’s man who can sweep her off her feet into a lifelong romance. She’s sassy, silly and completely ridiculous.

But I think the hardest part for me was how frustrated I was with the main character. Fans of Jane Austen will love this book and I highly recommend giving it a try. The tale that unfolds is hilarious, romantic and heartwarming. The tale takes place in Austin, Texas where we meet the delightful, funny English school teacher Cate Kendal 4.

I love how she combines Austen and Austin, and throws in a great mystery and romance. I knew going in that this is just one more derivative Jane Austen novel, but there have been a few good ones amidst all the dross.

Austensibly Ordinary – The Librarian Next Door

I hope she writes one based on Sense and Sensibility While financial circumstances and society strictures—not to mention the namesake pride and prejudice—kept Darcy and Elizabeth apart, Knightley is waiting, right next door, for Emma to notice him, to realize that marriage to him would be quite wonderful.

Open Preview Ordimary a Problem? The scene when they first get together consists of much swoon.