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El complejo del dinero by Axel Capriles

Im not a great dancer, but believe me, maybe because you are from Norway it does not matter picqrdia all if you do sxel great dance or not, in my case a girl just could left me ridicously alone in the middle of the dance floor. Despite all the bad comments I have read from some venezuelans about your post, I vvenezolano tell you that once you leave Venezuela you miss all those things that you mention, I can tell by my experience.

What a precise definition about venezuelans. Hola, No entiendo tu comentario con respecto a mi. I have learned to say a party or get together starts at least 2 hours earlier than actual! Home Sobremesa Sobremesa Chronicles. Really we are always happy, singing and dancing. That will be a litmus test as to whether the Venezuelan voter has matured after over 15 years of a political experiment on a criminal foundation.

In our times the whole sense of what it means to be a citizen has been turned around ddl is associated with what a person is entitled to recieve from the res publicae or commonwealth.

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But thank you for your note… I will share it with my german friends. Taken into consideration the slightly chaotic society, lack of some important groceries, holes in the sidewalk and other things this is remarkable.


You cannot help but laugh! I am from there. Ojo no me considero patriotica ni nacionalista, sino cada cosa, llamarla por su nombre.

El complejo del dinero

You just described me… jajajaj! Keep up the good writes! Hez is stretched much to thin across Syria, Irak and Leb to be of any major threat to this hemisphere. When a baby is born the entire family comes to the hospital and people drink whiskey to celebrate.

That woman captured a very vivid image of venezuelan people. This is noticeable when they meet a friend on the street. Fear of authority and of losing material benefits trump value consistency every time. Hahaha thank you for this! States and municipalities must raise their own taxes to provide services and not be beholden to the federal government.

Norway may be more in tune with the current model of VE, but seem to provide great education, medical and retirement benefits too all citizens, Some of the happiest people in the world and generally get two months of vacation. The last characteristic I want to mention in this way too long post is that Venezuelans are happy! We have to change the populist model of giving people money, and restore the investment one.

Martine, I really enjoy your post,it is great to see my country from caprioes point of view, I hope you keep writing! I do however think we have 2 good role models — people who are willing to risk their own welfares to stand on principle…. As far as Venezuelan minutes, I just laugh!

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Her recent publications include “The Chrysalis Experience: If not the people in government. This country has assholes in power with no rule of law or system of checks and balances.

Also not a measure of picardoa. Notify me of new posts by email. You got the Venezuelan spirit pretty well. I have in general little faith in transforming our ordinary people into good and model citizens by having them pay taxes on money which the govt hands out to them without having to do any thing productive to earn it.


Sometimes, we need to take a breath of freash air, and your article is one of those breaths. Many people make the mistake to think that the middle or high clase way of living is the common… huge mistake and means they are not opening their eyes.

I forgot to mention Regina has a cat at home in venezuala that she skype with more than her mom. It helps our venezuelan minds and spirits, while we go through difficult economical times…is true we are happy even under the challenges we are facing everyday, so your point of view really helps and encourages to keep on laughing!!!

If you let pols control Pdvsa invoking democracyeven if you ration all that the govt recieves from Pdvsa to taxesthe problem will remain the same because the govt can channel Pdvsa income into its own pockets or that of its followers and allies by gaming the operation. I know some of the things sound funny, but we should take them seriously if we want to get out of this situation soon.

Sure sign of a pathetic idiot. En mi opinion, el escritor de esto se dedico a resaltar el lado negativo de la personalidad del venezolano, o de algunos ,yo lo soy y jamas he actuado en esa forma.