The daily pooja vidhi during the Vritham is simple. Saranam Vili (chanting of Ayyappa names) should be preferably done twice a day – morning and evening. 1. Ayyappan Swamy Shlokas & Mantras. (English) . Add the words ‘Saranam Ayyappa’ after each line. 1. Swamiye. . Om Vishnupoojakaya namaha. Ayyappa Nithya Pooja Vidhanam – Ganesh, Shubramanya, Ayyappa Ashtothara Sathanamavali, Ayyappa Saranu Ghosha, Namaskara Shlokas and Sthothras.

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Om Hrishikeshaya Namaha Bhakta jana rakshakanae On the day King Rajasekara went for hunting in the forest, Ayyappan took the form of a baby with a golden chain and bell around his neck and placed himself near the Pamba river.

Only difference is they were in the other Documents. Do the bath in evening with normal water 3.

Ayyappa Swamy Nitya Pooja Vidhanam, English Version_Final Doc_2016

Pilgrims light the aazhi campfire to protect themselves from wild animals and cold weather. Take only Satvik food during the Deeksha and in night take a light meal. Hanuman Wyyappa HD Sound. Back on earth, king Rajasekara was riding to the palace after a long day of hunting. Perform elaborate pooja to Ayyappa Swami with lamp, incense and flowers. Indra, and the Devas, descended from the heavens.

The king was proud, and the queen loved enblish as if he were her own. Om Purushothamaya namaha 5. Fearing his wrath, people ran away to far away places.

Then doing the Deeksha is waste. King Rajasekara went for hunting in the forest adjoining the banks of River Pampa, along with his men. This mantram has to be recited after coming home from Sabarimala and before removing the Sacred Mala Apoora machala rohani Divyadarshana Kaaranam Shatrumudrat Mahadeve Dehi me Vrata mocchanam Only after taking off the maala, offer pranams to Ayyappan’s Photo and Guruswami, the shaving has to thedone. Rig yajuts Samaatharvarupine Is The pooja procedure in as below.


Pushkala – Poorna poojq Samyuktaya Pilgrims chant saranams loudly. He mastered the wisdom of the holy books and became a skillful archer. It was the kings prime minister. Another feature of the ucha puja is the offering made on 25 kalasams metallic pots.

Devotees burst Kathina crude cracker made by packing gun powder in a very thick iron tube in front of the Pathiettampady. Giving alms here is important. After wearing the “Mala” the devotee is called as “Ayyappan” or”Swami” in the name of Lord Ayyappa till the completion of his pilgrimage and removal of Mala thereafter.

Lord Brahma tried to engkish his concentration, but having failed in his attempts, he appeared before the Asura and blessed him with a boon.

So, faithful to the god. With folded hands the devottee has to pray: Always wear Vibhuti or Chandan or Kumkum on the forehead. Manikantan had accomplished the true mission of his earthly life. After that hunting was over, King Rajasekara advised his men to take rest and sat there entertaining himself with the sight of the natural greenish beauty and the waterfalls, of the forest.

He then fills up empty englisu with ghee, the ghee representing the soul and coconut the body. Durga bhagavati maarae ni The man, who examined the queen, suggested the strangest of cures. While the usha puja and athazha puja are perfromed by the chief priest, the ucha puja is performed by the tantri.

So do the Ayyapp Deeksha properly by understanding the real meanings of rules and regulations and keep continuing the good habits after Deeksha also, which are deserved to our life. A devotee performs the Shayanapradakshinam perambulating the sanctum sanctorum in a prostrate position as an offering to the Lord for curing ailments and solving domestic, professional and other problems.

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The Pampa water purifies one from curse and evil. The equivalent of Sri is “Thiru” in Tamil. Then the Namaskara sloka – Lokaveeram Om Trivikramaya Namaha Only the milk of a wild tigress can cure her, declared the doctor. He should wear the Mudra Mala till the end of Deeksha and never remove it in between. People were living happily and prosperously during his regime.

He then took his bow and shot an arrow that pierced the air and flew towards the hills on the outskirts of the kingdom. Varalakshmi vratham pooja vidhanam in telugu -? Sevippavarku aananda moorthiyae They accompanied Manikantan back to the city. The Queen, became a prey to the Diwan’s plot and agreed to do what he told, so that her son could succeed the King to the throne.

Daily Ayyappa Pooja Vidhi

After long penances, Lord Brahma appeared before Mahishi and granted her the boon that she prayed for that no one except a child born out of the union of a man engoish man could kill her! The king, who became aware of the ministers plot, ran to Manikantan and asked for forgiveness for his minister. Eat vegetarian food only.

She surrendered and her soul left her body. The jewellery to adorn the Diety on the occasion of the festival is brought from Pandalam Palace in a ceremonial procession which starts from Valiya Koyikkal Sastha Temple at Pandalam three days prior to Makara Sankranti.