“Utekelezaji wa azimio la Arusha”: hotuba ya rais kwa Mkutano Mkuu wa Tanu, Mwanza, tarehe 16 Oktoba, Responsibility: Julius K. Nyerere. Language. Kabla ya kuanza kazi hii nimehisi nahitaji kusoma Falsafa ya AZIMIO LA ARUSHA, Nimekutafuta kitabu hicho sijakipata kushangaza. Get this from a library! Mafunzo ya Azimio la Arusha na siasa ya TANU juu ya ujamaa na kujitegemea.. [TANU (Organization). Idara ya Elimu ya Siasa.].

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That elective democracy was farce and it was never going to change our lived realities, as we see it in Kenya.

Furthermore, we are not saying that we will not accept, or even that we shall not look for, money from other arushs for our development. When the Ministry presents its estimates, it believes that the money is there for the asking but that the Minister for Finance are being obstructive. The first was Mathare Social Justice Center, a community organization located in one of the biggest informal settlements in Kenya, whose main campaign is against extrajudicial executions.

Azimio La Arusha Quotes (1 quote)

The greater portion of financial help we expect to get from outside is not in the form of gifts or charity, but in the form of loans. Yet such belief on the part of Ministries, Members of Parliament and other leaders does not alter the stark truth, which is that Government has no money.

Retrieved from ” https: He was consequently well acquainted with the oppressive dynamics of colonial education as both a teacher zrusha a student. Our country has more than ten million people1 and is are; is more thansquare miles.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: It is not normal for a young country to start with such a short working week.

Azinio takes the form of investment in our country by individuals or companies from outside. Likewise, nobody should be allowed to loiter in towns or villages without doing work ls would enable him to be self-reliant without exploiting his relatives. When we call on the Government to spend more money on development projects, we are asking the Government to use more money.


But in any case the prosperous nations have not accepted a responsibility to fight world poverty.

The major means of production and exchange are such things as: In other words, a wage-earner works for 45 hours a week for 48 or 50 weeks of the year. In other words, a wage-earner works for 45 hours a week for 48 or 50 weeks of the year. What we are saying, however, is that from now on we shall know what is the foundation and what is the fruit of development. Land is the basis of human life and all Tanzanians should use it as a valuable investment for future development.

Money, and the wealth it represents, is the result and not the basis of development. In particular, it should not be forgotten that TANU is a party of peasants and workers.

Our fatigue with endless critique that did not produce direct action towards emancipatory politics. Without money there can be no development.

In order to prevent exploitation it is necessary for everybody to work and to live on his own labour. Similarly, when Members of Parliament and other leaders demand that the Government should carry out a certain development, they believe that there is a lot of money to spend on such projects, but that the Government is the stumbling block.

Calls upon the Government to put emphasis, when preparing its development plans, on the ability of this country to implement the plans rather than depending on foreign loans and grants as has been done in the current Five-Year Development Plan.

Instead, we contributed kwa hali na mali we gave what we had. A foreign government or a foreign institution, such as a bank, lends our Government money for the purposes of development.


Arusha Declaration – Wikipedia

We were workers, technical professionals, academics, artists, political activists, social movement stalwarts. This is the Minister for Finance. The third category of financial help is also greater than the first. Log in or register to post comments reads. After becoming the President of Tanganyika, and forging a union government with Zanzibar to form Tanzania inhe authored the Azimio La Arusha and a month later, a paper on Education for Self-Reliance.

But these are things which are produced by hard work and the good leadership of the people, not by the use of great amounts of money. Similarly, the day we become industrialized we shall be able to say we are developed. The power of the modern state was designed to be effected with astounding force, providing only certain designed possibilities for direct public participation like the ill-fated electoral democracy, and serving exponentially the agenda of capitalist modernity.

Nyerere responded by calling for an end to these strikes. The production of cotton, coffee, cashew nuts, tobacco and pyrethrum has increased enormously for the past three years.

Azimio La Arusha Quotes

Yet such belief on the part of Ministries, Members of Parliament and other leaders does not alter the stark truth, which is that Government has no money. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile azimip.

There are two possible ways of dividing the people in our country. It means that the people of Tanzania have insufficient money The people pay taxes out of the very little wealth they have; it is from these taxes that the Government meets its recurrent and development expenditure.