Water, her latest, is set in , when the traditions of colonial India were Bapsi Sidhwa’s novel about an exiled child-widow evokes Gandhi’s. A Novel Water by Bapsi Sidhwa. KP. Krishna Patel. Updated 5 June Transcript. Significance. Themes. Lack of women’s rights. Throughout the novel. All about Water: A Novel by Bapsi Sidhwa. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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Language was quite simple; no complex sentences were used throughout the text.

Jul 07, Hafsa Tahir rated it really liked it. Ewwww, this sounds good. Already a huge success, writing this book must be a huge challenge for Bapsi Sidhwa.

Watdr on August 11, in Karachi, in what is now Pakistan, and migrating shortly thereafter to Lahore, Bapsi Sidhwa witnessed the blo Bapsi Sidhwa is Pakistan’s leading diasporic writer. I’d highly recommend it.

Books by Bapsi Sidhwa. What I find really amazing is the symbolism of water in this tale which is incredible. Ghandi has been proven as catalyst towards hindu religion as well as old traditions which were strict to happen but in The book has been started with normal scenery of village and the cheering sound of children.

Jan 07, Akshay rated it it was amazing. Look out for the movie at the Oscars this year – I’m keeping the fingers of my right hand crossed it wins and the fingers of my left hand are crossed for “Rang De Basanti” which is the Indian film competing with Water! After the wedding celebration, Chuyia returns home. When her husband dies, Chuyia is sent to a widows’ ashram where she will spend the rest of her life because widows–especially young widows–are a danger to society.


Water: A Novel

Kaushaliya played mother figure for chuiya in whole novel. If you have not read any of Bapsi Sidhwa’s books then do yourself a favour and pick one up. Highly recommend this and qater you’re not keen about the novel, at least try the movie. Pretty good novel based on the movie.

Kashuliya found her everywhere but when she came to know she ran towards ghat and ask boat man to take her otherside but no one listen to her at mid night.

Sati had been outlawed, widows would put themselves on a pyre of fire and die for their widhwabut terrible injustices prevailed for widows. A Novel hapsi Bapsi Sidhwa Members. Mother of chuiya was against this marriage but she have not deny her husband and she also know the reality of society. I suppose I could stop being lazy and google this. Due to bad Karma accumulated during a previous sinful life a widow is responsible for the death of her husband and can only atone for this by being disowned by her family and in-laws, shaving her head, living at near-starvation level, wrapping herself in a piece of unstitched, of course!

There, she must live among other Hindu widows to spend the rest of her life in renunciation.

She must be taken far away and abandoned in a special ashrama house of widows. The same thinking is responsible for the barbaric act of Sati the self-immolation of a wife on her husband’s funeral pyrewhich fortunately was outlawed in The book has been started with normal scenery of village and the cheering sound of children.

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Water | Bapsi Sidhwa

In the novel a character Naryan came who was follower of Gandhi and met Kalyani and Chuiya while they were at ghat to give bath to Kalu dog. Become a LibraryThing Author. Baps written a beautiful review of this book and movie. And chuiya became the part of lust if Barhamn at that time kaushaliya decided to take her anywhere she live a safe life from this ill custom society.

In Brahminanical tradition, a woman is recognised as a person only when she is one with her husband. This is a shocking novel dealing with the plight of widows in Brahmin culture, exemplified by the child Chuyia who is married to a middle-aged widower at the age of six, becomes a widow at eight and is then wtaer into a dilapidated ashram to spend the rest of her life in poverty, misery and perpetual mourning for the husband she never knew.

She consult all these issues with the pandit came ghat. And yes, Deepa Mehta is definitely one of the trinity of film makers that I have such profound respect for – the other two being Mira Nair and Gurinder Chhadha sp? It is a finely crafted book which lends beauty to the film and enhances the visual appeal of the film.

I saw the movie, and it broke my heart.