The U22 Neos is a fun rimfire pistol best for plinking and informal shooting. The ambidextrous manual safety can be engaged with the firing pin cocked or. Search for and download free user manuals for Beretta products. Beretta U22 Neos Instruction Manual Beretta Model Jetfire Instruction Manual. Beretta Owner’s Manual Pistol model U22 NEOS Reviews. Back to Beretta Owner’s Manual Pistol model U22 NEOS.

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Do not use acids, water and chlorinated solvents. An overloaded magazine will not function properly. The pistol can be easily field stripped without tools for clean- ing. Pushed by the recoil spring, the slide moves forward feeding the next cartridge from the magazine into the chamber and closing the breech.

Both sights are removable and replaceable. Shooting at the surface of water or y22 a rock or other hard surface increases the chance of ricochets or fragmentation of the bullet or shot, which can result in the projectile striking an unintended or peripheral target.

Retrieved 30 March If so, eject the round by pulling the slide all the way rearward.

bereyta When you are shooting at a target, know what is behind it. Releasing a fully retracted slide when a loaded magazine is in the pistol will feed a cartridge into the pistol’s firing chamber. Retrieved 27 March In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Beretta U22 Neos

Retrieved 25 March The grip and trigger guard assembly, made from fiberglass-reinforced “technopolymer,” is attached to the receiver with a single bolt and can easily be removed and replaced with an accessory grip. Be sure to insert the left side of the blade the one with the round “hook” shape in first. Views Read Edit View history. Before loading the pistol, always en- gage the manual safety.


Barrel and accessory rail: The caliber or gauge of the firearm is clearly marked on the barrels of shotguns and on the slide or barrel of pistols. Removable ten round magazine: The pistol is sleek, balances well, is very accurate, and points naturally.

Beretta U22 Neos

When the last round in the chamber has been fired, the slide will remain open. Iron sightsWeaver rail mount. Beretta has at last joined the likes of Ruger, Browning, and High Standard for a piece of the mid-priced. Retrieved 20 March It is imperative that you know and use the safety features of the particular firearm you are handling, but accidents can best be prevented by following the safe handling procedures described in these safety rules and elsewhere in the product manual.

When company leaders asked themselves, ‘Where can we grow? California certification for sale for all Neos models expired in March,therefore gun dealers may no longer sell them in California.

Following the discontinuation of DLX models inBeretta has occasionally produced standard Neos pistols with colored grip inlays as dealer exclusive models. Have adequate ventilation at all times.

The DLX trigger may be adjusted for pre and overtravel. With the left thumb, move the follower button to depress neoos spring sufficiently to insert one round in the top of the magazine completely back under the lips.

To facilitate front sight blade removal, a set screw has been added to the DLX. The end of the firing pin is clearly visible at the rear of the receiver when cocked, indicating that the pistol is ready to fire if the manual safety is off. Never disengage the safety on a firearm unless you intend to shoot. Always check the barrel prior to loading to ensure that it is clean and free from obstructions.


Retrieved 22 March On 15 SeptemberBeretta announced a recall of the U22 Neos because some pistols may fire even if the safety is on, or when the safety is moved to the on position. Retrieved from ” https: On 15 SeptemberBeretta announced a recall of the U22 Neos because some pistols may fire even if the safety is on, or when the safety is moved to the on position.

Beregta you miss your target or if the bullet penetrates the target, it is your responsibility to bfretta that the shot does not cause unintended injury or damage. Please note that devices intended to prevent accidents— for example, cable locks, chamber plugs, etc.

Beretta Owner’s Manual Pistol model U22 NEOS Reviews

If the screw continues to be turned clockwise, it will eventually block trigger movement altogether and prevent the pistol from firing. When beretya leaders asked themselves, ‘Where can we grow? DLX models have rubber inlays in the pistol grip; these inlays are textured to improve the shooter’s grip and are colored for a distinctive appearance.