Assessor(s): Hollingsworth, B. & Frost, D.R.. Reviewer(s): Cox, N., Chanson, J.S. & Stuart, S.N. (Global Reptile Assessment Coordinating Team). Justification. Digital Morphology account of the Baja worm lizard, Bipes biporus, featuring CT- generated animations of the skull. The worm lizard Bipes biporus is an amphisbaenian, a type of elongate burrowing reptile that is often pink and wormlike in appearance. Bipes is the only .

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It is commonly found in Baja California. The species within the family Bipedidae differ from other Amphisbaenians in that they have forelimbs. Of the specimens collected in the extensive study done by Papenfussthe ratio of adults to hatchlings stayed relatively constant throughout the study.

However, all species of Bipes are able to autotomize drop their tails as a defense mechanism; it is thought that the autotomized tail may distract the predator biipes even block the burrow while the Mole Lizard escapes.

This species is oviparous and the females lay one to four eggs in July.

There is a positive correlation between tail bieps and body size. Positive Due to the large number of insects and other small invertebrates that Bipes biporus feeds on, Mexican Mole Lizards bipws play a role in controlling the populations of their prey. Due to its secretive lifestyle, there has been little research done on the average lifespan of B. Mexican Mole Lizards may act as a control on certain pest population by consuming numbers of mites, insects, and their larvae.


Hollingsworth and Frost, Accessed December 17, at http: Accessed December 16, at http: University of California Press.

Connect with us Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Females reach sexual maturity at about 45 months of age. Bipedidae page from the Reptile Database.

Due to the burrowing lifestyle of B. The abstract is as follows:.

They occur in some protected areas and are considered protected wildlife under Mexican law catagory Pr. Whether they are ever abundant enough to have a significant economic impact is currently unknown. Because Mexican Mole Lizards are ectotherms, they attain their body temperature from the soil of their environment.

Typically, Mexican Mole Lizards spend the cooler morning hours near the surface of the ground, and as the temperature of the surroundings rise throughout the day, they retreat deeper into the soil.

Salt limits the ability of plants to take up water through their roots. Many people believe them to be snakes, so if they are dug up during agricultural activities, they are often unnecessarily killed out of fear.


IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

However, Papenfussfound B. Accessed December 31, at http: Copeia2: About this Specimen The specimen bkporus scanned by Matthew Colbert on 12 July along the coronal axis for a total of x pixel slices. Then the anchored portion moves forward and the body anchors at a different spot. Mexican mole lizard Conservation status. Whether or not this difference was due to sampling bias or if the primary sex ratio was actually skewed could not be determined.

The Ear and Hearing in Bipes biporus.

Mexican mole lizard

Energetics of Concertina Locomotion in Bipes biporus Reptilia: Neotropical living in the southern part of the New World. The distribution of Bipes biporus reflects the type of environment it inhabits. Bipes biporus can be described as an opportunistic biporrus.