Fran Drescher’s Master Class Health Summit is a mind-expanding. The Official Store for the Cancer Schmancer Movement. We can’t thank you. Before you use them AROUND your home, check here. Type in the name of.

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Open Preview Scgmancer a Problem? Fran Drescher is just as clever and funny in this book as she was in The Nanny. We also get the story of scnmancer woman who had been in a relationship with one guy since she was a teen, and never really had a youthful youth, now trying to find herself at She talk Fran tells it cabcer it is. Nov 07, Elyse rated it liked it. When I say “Cancer Schmancdr it’s not to pretend that cancer isn’t serious or deadly; believe me, I know firsthand that it is.

The writing style is very, very casual. The Nanny is one of my favourite shows and while looking on the internet for a possible release date of the rest of the series on DVD, I stumbled upon some very interesting things about Fran Drescher. Very weird how many things I related to in this book. I had heard about this book a few years ago when I was working in a bookstore, but never really given it much thought.

There are lots of anecdotes about daily life, as well as some about life as a celebrity, all the while dealing with ovarian cancer.

It is easy written and you keep longing for more. Fran even made the lowest of low points so unexpectedly funny that I have to admire her. That might cancef why the book is not consistent. I’ve always liked Fran Drescher. And tomorrow is my two week post surgery, which I expect will be good news, based on my oncologist’s surgical report just after.


Books by Fran Drescher.

And obviously, she wasn’t misdiagnosed, I’m just saying that this particular cnacer of the book was strange for me.

Apr 08, Alexis rated it it was amazing. Oct 24, Sally rated it really schmacer it Shelves: She found out that an appendectomy, for instance, is common in staging her kind of cancer, but no one told her they were going to do it until she woke up from surgery.

Feb 28, Saskia rated cacer it was amazing. She talks about being a baby and selfish and lets it all hang out, which is one reason why I loved this book. When the book was over the first thought I had was “That cannot be the end! It takes willingness to be an aggressive advocate for yourself or to take such an advocate with you to appointments if you know you w Enjoyably written memoir; but particularly valuable if it encourages people to caancer seeking medical opinions until they are satisfied that their symptoms are really being addressed effectively.

I was luckier–my doc immediately biopsied. Dec 27, Dimi Doukas rated it did not like it. This is a memoir written by Fran Drescher, the nanny.

Cancer Schmancer

In cancer world, that’s “easy” I did enjoy the book overall. Aug 03, Moira Webster-Larranaga rated it liked it. But we also get to see a whole other side of her. She recommends doing your own research so you’ll know what to expect. Jun 06, Marie rated it it was sdhmancer. I understand that her battle was hers and no one elses but part of the book made her seem like a martyr when, all things considered, she had it pretty easy since she never had to do chemo, radiation, reconstruction, or some of the worst things cancer has to offer.

May 31, kayla rated it really liked it. Which includes fighting it, being afraid, needing loved ones, and a ton of other stuff I’ve never had to experience. Trivia About Cancer Schmancer. As far caner I know a current cancer patient wouldn’t be given an estrogen patch immediately after surgery. A very good vancer about Fran dealing with being misdiagnosed for way too long, to finally being diagnosed with uterine cancer, and through her surgery and recovery.


Our Favorite Fashion Finds of I liked the book and, yes, I could hear Fran’s voice as I was reading. And the moral–make sure your doctor biopsies. You’ve heard of a second opinion? Which is important to remember, but in the end is kind of old news which you knew already. I read it when I had medical issues as well, and her stories and her witty Jewish humor made things a little more bearable again for me.

Cancer Schmancer | HuffPost Life

She also name drops like crazy and spends a lot of time on how hard it i I fell a little bad giving someone’s cancer memoir only 2 stars, but it just isn’t a very well written book. This one begins right as her marriage and her show are ending, and she begins experiencing lots of bad symptoms.

Not very well written and she comes across as a bitch, a control freak and a very shallow person she’s very concerned about looks, about what to wear and is scbmancer of other women who don’t wear makeup or wear fashion clothes.

But she wasn’t fine, no sir. The part I related to most was her anxiety about going back out in social situations after her recovery. I got famous, I got cancer, and I lived to talk about it.

Those numbers are crazy!