The Cardus Education Survey: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats (Cardus II) is a Canadian report measuring non-government school effects in service of the Canadian. ACSI supports the methodology of the Cardus Education Survey (CES), but we at ACSI do believe the facts gathered lead us to some different sets of. In , the Cardus Education Survey (CES) was released. This report examined the correlation between Christian education motivations and student outcomes.

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David Sikkink was the head of quantitative studies. Graduates of Christian schools are more likely that any other group to be satisfied with their lives, but they are less likely to take risks and more likely to conform. These experiences are identified as “mission” or “development” trips. Their high level of involvement in other surveg could be the cause of this. Keep Connected Have the latest news from Cardus Education sent directly to your inbox.

Reflecting back on their secondary education, these graduates have high satisfaction and feel that they were prepared well for later life. In order to make the survey instrument comparable to the United States sample of the Cardus Education Study, several questions were replicated from the Knowledge Networks survey. Independent non-religious graduates act on their feelings cradus obligation and become involved with political campaigns.

They are more effective than all other school categories. The number of graduates of independent non-religious schools was too small to draw any conclusions.


Religious home education graduates are somewhat less likely to be divorced or separated and extremely unlikely to be co-habiting.

Education – Cardus

Christian school graduates and religious home educated graduates show more confidence in corporations and the federal governmentbut less in the institutions of the federal government, the Supreme Courtthe mediaand the scientific community. These graduates are likely to have stronger families with more children. This may correspond to the perception that society is negative toward the Christian faith.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Graduates were sorted by the type of school, such as Catholic, evangelical Educationn, non-religious private, and home school.

We are committed to asking, “What makes a good city?

survye Health We seek to enlarge the conversation concerning care for the most vulnerable Canadians in our midst. A survey of randomly selected Canadians was administered by Vision Critical, a division of Angus Reid. The survey included questions about academic excellence, spiritual formation, and cultural engagement.

Comment Comment is a journal of public theology. First, Canadian Christian school graduates show a stronger tendency to obtain a master’s degree than American Christian graduates.

Second, American Christian school graduates donate less and are involved less in political educcation, but like the Canadians, they agree that they should be involved.

The data included graduates from schools in all provinces except for Quebecwhich is included separately in the report.

Cardus Education Survey

Separate Catholic school graduates, independent Catholic school graduates and independent non-religious school graduates are spread out over high school educatjon, collegeuniversity undergraduate and master degreeswith the independent non-religious graduate having the highest overall educational attainment.


Reasons for home schooling in canada. From these responses, participants were sorted into categories of public, separate Catholic, independent Catholic, non-religious independent, “Christian,” and home school.

The word Cardus comes from the Latin root “cardo”. Other larger surveys have been done that may reflect more clearly on the academic excellence, spiritual formation and cultural engagement of home school graduates.

The report states that “Canada’s government schools perform very well in international rankings, but by many measures, Canada’s non-government schools perform at even higher levels.

They are also less likely to be divorced or separated and less likely to be living with a partner than graduates of government schools.

Cardus Education Survey Canada

We produce a unique blend of empirical research, policy discussion, philosophical and—yes—theological discussion about your daily work, and our common economic life. Though they marry survej an earlier age, they are somewhat more likely to be married than government school graduates and more likely to have more children.

Together with the Angus Reid Institute, Cardus is releasing research findings in order to stimulate public conversation. The Latest from Cardus Education November 6,