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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Debut Movie Trailer HD – Videos – Metatube

It is nothing like Harry Potter. Positive —While Harry potter, I believe is more fantasy magic and a lot of this movie is as well, there were a few parts towards the end that were more evil and leaning towards occult things.

The movie is entertaining, and I enjoyed it. Allow me to segue. Negative —I am not planning to see this movie and recommend that other Christians do the same. In my book at least, this movie crossed the line. Characters are killedand carbonjakov bodies combine and disintegrate into beetle-type insects and dust.

There were instances of possession, and a scene of Morgana performing an incantation on top segrtt a star the kind that is used as a symbol for the Occult. Various characters incant spellsincluding a scene of a female character moving somewhat provocatively. Walt Disney Pictures Plot: Sorcerer’s Apprentice — Character Trailer.


I totally agree with the reviewer that this film should be avoided due to its heavy emphasis on occult symbolism and witchcraft pentagrams, spells, being possessed. Young Dave Ali Khan He played that part awesome. Nick Cage was sefrt as well, and his car he drove was quite cool, too. Another phrase used throughout the movie was ‘clearing your mind’. Most disappointing, however, are the heavy occult elements. Towards the end, there is a possession scene and an occult symbol in the air and a few other occult things—all happen within about 5 minutes.

So, having said that, I did enjoy this movie.

Čarobnjakov učenik

Construction Worker 2 James A. God Bless, Robbie P. Yoga Student Sean Patrick Reilly Positive —Just got out of seeing the movie. A haunting young girl who was a witch from Salem is brought back from the dead.

I loved the guy who played Dave; it was cool to see a geeky nerdy guy to be the hero rather then the straight A student and football star or something but someone who no one would expect. Some people may not like the movie, and I did not like the occult things in the one part, but the rest of it was otherwise a great movie—great special effects and a good story.

Objectionable Content The most obvious objectionable material is the prevalent use of occult symbolism and witchcraft. It did have some elements of witchcraft, but if you remember all that rise-from-the-dead was stuff was from the bad guy.


Horvath is determined to claim New York City for his own evil purposes, and enlists an illusionist Tony Kebbell carobniakov help him toward that end.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

This is directly against what the Lord teaches us in the Bible see Deut. After seeing such great previews, I was expecting a much better story, and it is a shame that so many great scenes were carpbnjakov down for lack of flow. Les, age 39 USA. Great movie; special effects good; acting good; everything was great.

Positive —This was a very good action movie. Go see it for yourself.

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If you like cars as much as me you would be in awe watching the car chase. Village chieftain archive footage Gregory Woo I think the church as a whole needs more discernment carobnjkov this area. I went to see this cause I like Nicolas Cage, and I was pleased.

In conclusion, the movie could have been much better, if they had left out the references to possession and the occult, and kept it centered around fantasy magic. Medieval Vendor Indy Rishi The movie is not without its cheap laughs.