Each year, tens of thousands of IT and communications professionals attend Cisco Live events held around world. Hundreds of thousands more participate. Check out all of the daily happenings from the showroom floor in Orlando ! Video highlights, interviews, and photos of your fellow colleagues. IP Multicast – Watch or listen to audio, video, or multimedia presentations related Multicast Network Management (PDF – 1 MB); Secure Multicast (PDF – 4 MB).

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This session treats Cisco centralized WLAN controller systems in detail, covering the architecture and theory of operations down to the packet trace level. So when I first found out that I can buy access to Cisco Live Virtual to get hold of almost all the sessions without travveling, without leaving home, without paying a fortune in fees and travel expenses, I got SO happy.

From presentatkons I’ve seen, the complete netdorkers for all presentations are available, and many even include downloadable video recordings.

Rant: How much does Cisco Live Europe REALLY cost ? – EtherealMind

The lecture will begin with a brief discussion of the pros-and-cons of packet capture using SPAN vs. But what really sets it apart from the competition is that it offers unprecedented network visibility through FireSIGHT, so you can capture and see far more information in your network environment. Network Design Clinic Our panel of experts will answer your network design question and show you some of the pit-falls of a poor design.

Description, Overview of the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance and it’s advanced security capabilities. We look at technology, the industry and our daily work lives every week.

Wireless Security Myth-Busting This presentation focuses on 5 of the most commonly held myths regarding wireless security and why they are ineffective in real-world wireless security deployments.

DFW Cisco Users Group – downloads

Cisco has therefore undertaken a cisvo strategy to provide value-added network services on a per-user or per-application basis. Topics will be Changes in the last few years to the PIX operating environment has made the PIX product line not only a high performance firewall choice but also technology more accessible to end users.


And if you’re not preparing for a certification in the near futurewhy should you care what it contains? Written by Stephen J.

You are commenting using your Twitter rpesentations. Understanding EVPN deployment and how it replaces a traditional layer2 and layer3 functions in your data center will also help you understand the mechanics of all VXLAN related technologies. This breakthrough architecture is designed to deploy applications and scale voice via IP in the enterprise. It focuses on best practices applicable to deploying highly available campus architecture to new design options similar to the traditional spanning tree based L2 access design.

Rant: How much does Cisco Live Europe REALLY cost ?

Enterprise IP Multicast Design and Troubleshooting IP Multicast is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, play, and learn by providing innovative solutions that are simple, highly available, virtualized, open, and safe. By establishing Zero Trust principles in critical segments of your network, you can protect intellectual property from unauthorized applications or users, reduce the exposure of vulnerable systems, and prevent the lateral movement of malware throughout your network.

Splunk allows the rapid aggregation, synchronization and exploitation of plain-text data sources by providing a shell-like set of pipe-able search and statistics commands to drive any conceivable analytic all the way through to NOC-level visualizations.

Then a signature hash can be leveraged for traditional Anti-Virus scanning engines. Does your business netdorkers a need to provide internet access for visitors, contractors, or partners?

Cisco Live! Presentations Available for Free

Many organizations lack the tools and experience necessary to develop and implement a competent network management system and strategy. Bruce will present on how existing security vulnerabilities within a SAN infrastructure can be addressed with Cisco switches and Decru’s Datafort technology. How does IKE create a secret key without sending it? After this session, you will be able to configure and troubleshoot the MRA solution with ease and time to spare.

Understanding IP multicast design and how to troubleshoot the control-plane permits network engineers to effectively plan and support multicast applications in concert with the rest of their business-critical infrastructure. Email required Address never made public.


An introduction video can be found on YouTube. This presentation will provide an overview on the GNS product and cover installation, configuration and specific recommendations to make GNS3 work well for you. All presentatikns these will be covered, along with a basic introduction to cryptography, so the use of secret keys will make disco.

It will also introduce the audience to Fabric Path. No meeting due to holiday conflict. It makes it hard to absorb extremely technical content.

Cisco introduces the next generation access layer switch building upon 20 years of IOS richness now capable of supporting both wired and wireless infrastructures from a single platform. The Internet Threat Horizon The Internet has continued to evolve; it now encompasses a wide variety of platforms and applications. What would we do differently?

It is the preferred method of WAN connectivity offered by service providers. Basic addressing concepts, address resolution, basic routing, and some deployment options dual-stack, tunneling, translation techniques are covered along with configuration examples. Only later, after a flood of startups and open initiatives proved its importance, did Cisco take the SDN plunge.

Content Delivery Networks Cisco’s Content Delivery Network CDN product line is the industry’s only complete content delivery solution, incorporating the five key components for a successful content-delivery solution: And what really is a hash, anyway?

DMVPN simplifies the VPN configuration, dramatically reduces the hub configuration, allows for dynamically addressed spokes, automatically encrypts the data without requiring manual access-lists, allows dynamic creation of spoke-to-spoke tunnels, supports multicast traffic, and allows zero-touch provisioning of pressentations spokes.

You have diversified your connections to the internet. Once the Certifications are achieved, career advancement and enrichment are icsco real possibilities. He will also demo the software for advanced network troubleshooting, discovery and network documentation.