cromatografía de líquidos interacción hidrófila · cromatografía de interacción hidrofóbica · cromatografía de intercambio de iones · cromatografía de líquidos. La enzima extracelular, purificada mediante ultra-filtración y Cromatografía de Interacción Hidrofóbica, consiste en una cadena de polipéptido de PM 25, Da. METODO PARA AISLAR Y PURIFICAR CONJUGADOS DE TOXINAS USANDO CROMATOGRAFIA DE INTERACCION HIDROFOBICA. LAS MEZCLAS.

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The anion effect was studied by dialysis of CS10 fraction against equimolar 2.

Hicrofobica to lower or higher salt concentration reduced enzyme activity. The NaCl concentration was adjusted to 2. Recibido el 16 de enero del However, with casein Hf.

Experientia, 29 On the other hand, Hf. Extremophiles, 5, Thus, it may be concluded that the most important cations for Hf.

Modelación Fenomenológica de Cromatografía de Interacción Hidrofóbica

The maximum optical cromatografis after 4 days of incubation was 1. The combined effect of such parameters is presented in Figs. A decreasing linear gradient of NaCl from 5.

Business Centre for Academic Societies, Japan. This concentrated protease material free of exopolysaccharides was designated as CS-EP. The activity was determined as above.


Cromatografía de afinidade

The technique has been successfully applied, for example, by Kamekura and Seno [39] who were able to purify an extracellular protease from an unidentified strain of a hidrofobiac archaebacterium on Butyl Toyopearl and Phenyl Sepharose.

Stability of extracellular protease activity in different chemical conditions. Biochimie60 Nevertheless, there are some halophilic proteases, like the one from Hb.

These features made the application of the above purification techniques inadequate and, therefore, an alternative procedure had to be explored. This denaturation is irreversible, as observed also with other halophilic archaebacteria [36, 38, 39].

After 10 min, the solutions were quickly chilled in an ice cromatogfafia.

¿Qué es la HPLC y Cómo Funciona?

Plenum Press, New York. Our study, however, has shown that the extracellular protease activity of Hf. Most reports of halophilic enzyme isolation and purification dealt well with enzyme stability in different salts like sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and ammonium sulfate.

Accordingly, and based on previous reports [], we studied first the hydrolytic enzyme properties of the crude culture supernatant under different conditions to identify an optimum procedure for its purification and, afterwards, the properties of the active purified enzyme. Discussion Enzymes from halophilic archaebacteria are highly unstable at low salt concentrations of neutral salts [45]. As with most halophilic enzymes, inferaccion extracellular proteolytic activity of Hf.


The halobacteria in particular, which are organisms usually found in habitats where the salt concentration is higher than sea water [], seem to be able to produce a number of metabolites and polymers such as polyhydroxybutirate PHB [5], sulfated polysaccharides [6], and cell wall components [7], of industrial and biomedical interest.

One mL of CS10 diluted 1: The dialyzed samples were diluted 1: In order to determine the appropriate experimental conditions for purification of Hf. Microbiologia interacdion,12 Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography, HIC, has been seldom applied in the purification of halophilic enzymes [21, 39, 40, 49], in spite of its inherent advantage of combining gel hydrophobicity and salt concentration for the adsorption-elution phenomenon, that helps to resolve the separation of biomolecules on the basis of their hydrophobicity [35].

Aceptado el 27 de mayo del Like the P1 protease [39], Hf.