DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM by Stuart contributes to Stylish Scripting: SitePoint’s DHTML and CSS Blog. About The. DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM explores the Document Object Model, remote scripting, Ajax, XML-RPC and. What do Flickr, Google Suggest, Google Maps, and GMail have in common? They all take great advantage of some of the latest modern, unobtrusive DHTML .

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Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM

Now, what should appear when the cursor is located at the dytml corner of the viewing area? Now, the text displayed on-screen for that link will read Google, which matches the link destination that we changed earlier.

The text node is also floating around, separate from the document.

If you already know all these details, you dhtjl want to flick through the chapter anyway; you may even be a little surprised by some of it. This specially-named rollover image allows us to deduce the name of any rollover image without saving that name anywhere.

We can check if the unordered list has any list items children by looking at the length property of the childNodes array:. JavaScript is a simple but powerful programming language. This code has been assembled from our earlier discussions, although it contains some extra code for this particular page.

DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM

To get a reference to the sole body element in this case, we would need to use the following:. Therefore, they will not run the dhtjl enclosed by the if statement; nor will they display an error.


Peter-Paul Koch studies this problem in great detail in his comprehensive article, Mission Impossible — Mouse Position.

This is the cross-browser approach to identifying which link was clicked; we check for a window. They all build upon this fundamental approach of manipulating the Document Object Model. They come from the user. Should the bottom-right corner of the full-sized image be in the top-left corner of the viewing area?

DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM | Review || Books @ HTML Source

Clicking any link will open that link in a new window if the box is checked. In this case, however, it is the easiest way to tie the required values to each of the a elements. If the JavaScript code were to come utolia, it would be unable to find the HTML elements in question, as they would not yet exist.

We can apply this effect to tables in an HTML document using event listeners. We then manipulate the position of that background image so that it moves in accordance with the cursor.

This is a different type of check from the method we used before, though: The second is getElementsByTagName. Failing thatwe attach the event listener directly to the element, as an event handler; this is required for IE5 on Macintosh. This approach is called semantic markup utopiw a fancy dytml of saying, “uses tags to describe meaning. This event is fired once the document has finished loading, to signal that all HTML elements are now available. As always, you dhtjl download this excerpt as a PDF if you prefer.


First, imagine your Website has a list of dhtmll to different sections. IDs must be unique within your document — each element must have a different ID or no ID at all — so you can know that a specific ID identifies a given element alone.

Each element has an addEventListener method, which allows you to hook a function to any event that the element receives. This procedure caters for all the ways by which we might attach an event listener, using feature sniffing to see which option is available.

Thus, using valid HTML gives you more time to spend with your family, play snooker, etc. There are two sorts of browser incompatibilities: This is not how it was meant to be If, before setting up the event listeners, you check that the browser supplies all the DOM features required by the code, event listeners will not be set up for browsers utopi do not support those features.

This script contains a myScriptInit function, which sets up myScriptEventListener as an event listener. This allows event handlers to be attached to page elements without polluting your HTML code with dozens of inline event handlers.