15+ million members; + million publications; k+ research C1 Minimum distance of m from rivers DN COPAM* Nº/ selection was based on the restrictions presented on DN COPAM N 0 /, references from previous studies, and social and environmental negative. COPAM – Conselho Estadual de Política Ambiental (). Dispõe Sobre a Política. Estadual de Resíduos Sólidos, DN Copam /, Belo Horizonte, MG.

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The richness in the four vegetation types sampled was compared by means of species rarefaction curves. South of the mountains, traps were installed in two remote areas, 2. None of the rarefaction curves reached the full asymptote Figure 4which highlights the need for more studies and new data analysis methods, as seen in the study by Lopez et al.

In addition to these sampling methods, trap specimens were also caught and collected through a limited-time search during the diurnal period from 8: This method proved of highly important, especially with regard to snakes, because among the 16 species recorded, six were sampled only through chance encounters Table 5.

Specimens found during maintenance tasks on the farm known as Coliseum weeding, maintenance of fence posts, planting and cleaning and during other everyday jobs in the region were also registered in the present study. Filling gaps in the state of Minas Gerais. Agricultural and Forest Meteorologyv.

Lizards of the Brazilian Amazonia Reptilia: Sibynomorphus neuwiedi Ihering, Among the snakes, the family Dipsadidae was the richest, with a total of nine sampled species. Heterodactylus imbricatus Spix, Distribution extension and geographic distribution map. Considering first-order cipam estimators, the richness estimated for the study area, in the four vegetation types sampled was approximately 32 species Figures 4 and 5.


Water ResearchNew York, v. Morphology, phylogeny and taxonomy of South American bothropoid pitvipers Serpentes, Viperidae. Check Clpam 7 1: With new material by P.

dn 74 copam pdf – PDF Files

Aspronema dorsivittatum Cope, None of the species rarefaction curves reached the asymptote. Bothrops neuwiedi Wagler in Spix, Segundo Mander et al.

Ameiva ameiva Linnaeus, How to cite this article. The remnants of the Atlantic Forest in Minas Gerais have been identified as being of interest for conservation because of high anthropogenic pressure caused by urbanization and deforestation Drummond et al. Habitat variation and lizard diversity in a Cerrado area of Central Brazil. Zool Verh Leiden1: These data corroborate those found in the present study.

Services on Demand Journal. Discussion It rn be seen that the composition of the communities varied according to the vegetation gradient physiognomywhich is consistent with the pattern recorded by Nogueira et al. For Teiidae, a paper by Pyron et al. Philodryas olfersii Lichtenstein, Morphology and diet of two sympatric colubrid snakes, Chironius flavolineatus and Chironius quadricarinatus Serpentes: Representative specimens are listed in Appendix 1.

In a Leposternon microcephalumb Ophiodes striatusc Hemidactylus mabouiad Ecpleopus gaudichaudie Heterodactylus imbricatusf Enyalius bilineatusg Aspronema dorsivittatumh Notomabuya frenata.

RESOLUÇÃO COPAM NºXX, de XX de Janeiro de

Ameivula ocellifera Spix, The taxonomy adopted was that of Frost et al. The curves were generated through the bootstrap method, because this uses data on all species, i. Crotalus durissus Linnaeus, Sets of pitfall traps were installed, with interception or guiding fences AQs as proposed by Greenberg et al.


Biogeographic patterns and conservation in the South American Cerrado: These studies have even rn that the distribution of some species is increasing Santos et al ; Novelli et copaj.

With the applied loads average of 0. This shortage becomes greater with regard to transition areas between the Cerrado and other biomes Bertolucci et al.

dn 74 copam pdf

This species was considered rare until a few years ago Eisemberg et al. The richness of species of the four vegetation types sampled was compared by means of rarefaction curves in the EstimateS 9. This area requires continual monitoring by the proper bodies, given its importance for the survival of several species that have been little studied or are unknown.

Bothropoides neuwiedi Wagler, Squamata: Iara Alves Novelli, e-mail: On bird species diversity. Notomabuya frenata Cope, Among the snakes found, five have medical importance: It can be seen that the composition of the communities varied according to the vegetation gradient physiognomyclpam is consistent with the pattern recorded by Nogueira et al. The genus Ecpleopus is currently considered to be monotypic, consequent to its last review by Uzzell L -1 ; total suspended solids: Above the altitude of m, the terrain consists predominantly of high meadows.