The Ginger Man was JP Donleavy’s first novel and his best, as fresh now as the day on which it was published in Donleavy, who has died. JP Donleavy manages to construct a voice for his raucous, selfdramatizing hero that combines the experiments of Irish modernism with a. Irish-American author JP Donleavy has died aged Donleavy, who was best- known for his novel ‘The Ginger Man’, is understood to.

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First published in Paris in and originally banned in America, J. I actually think I would have tossed him out with a flea in his ear!

The Ginger Man

One doesn’t accuse a fan of The Silence of the Lambs of being a proponent of cannibalism, right? Donleavy more than delivered my craving for gingeran raucous and thought-provoking fictional ride. Donleavy lifted Harold Skimpole out of Hard Times and made a whole whore of a novel of him as a young law student in Dublin.

I expect characters in books to have some sort of quality that I would hope to find in a real person.

JP Donleavy obituary | Books | The Guardian

The whole place smelt of damp, decaying plaster and brickwork, that smell of money gone which was once so prevalent in Ireland. Children running barefoot in the streets in the middle of winter and men wagging their things at you from doorways. Quotes from The Ginger Man. And finally, on being viewed by other people: Sure, I don’t personally agree with many of Dangerfield’s actions his often offensive behavior seems to be the sole reason as to why some people slam The Ginger Man.

Dreaming out this sunset.

JP Donleavy obituary

And where does Donleavy begin his tale? Some lines of her hair and her age of thirty four.


Put my face on your spring breasts. What a contradictory book this donleavt turning out to be. But I’m glad to be moving on.

The first edition of The Ginger Man The Films of George Roy Hill. Girodias had declared himself bankrupt, and was preparing to buy back the title of his beloved Olympia Press at an auction in Paris.

In his memoir, The History of The Ginger Man, he described his reaction on receiving his first advance copy of the novel and finding a list of pornographic titles advertised on its endpaper: There was hardly space for a bed in it, and none donpeavy anything else except a few bottles and books. It’s amazing that people are giving this book bad reviews, simply because they didn’t like the central character or his woman-hating, baby-bashing behavior. And when will the good people in Stockholm see the light on JPD’s vast, rich, enduring, literary legacy?

I was there to interview him and, having expected to occupy two hours of his time, spent half a day with him.

His behaviour is mostly atrociously selfish and sometimes seems to spring from a deep-set maliciousness, and yet sort of Spoiler Alert!

Feb 01, Joe Mossa rated it it was ok. Ddonleavy and Gold Label whiskey have starring roles too: Or not take these things. There were some Americans, ex-service men who had come to Ireland originally to be Trinity students under the G. My only criticism would be that around the last third of the book or so, the stream-of-consciousness scenarios became a little difficult to follow and not as tight as the earlier anecdotes.

The Ginger Man by J.P. Donleavy

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There was a grand piano in the living room beside piles of tatty cushions and old newspapers. I’ll sit there and weep into the sea. Donleavy’s book is like the archeological site of literary Dublin and this review is an attempt at an excavation of that site. The part of her that was her falling arches, the sway bent ankles which put a tender part in her eyes.


One of the few books where you find yourself laughing aloud, and re-reading passages in an attempt to recall lines and slip them into a conversation at some point in the future.

When will the mavens of Hollywood treat us to tales by JPD that shimmer and dance upon the silverscreen? Dangerfield is a rogue, a devil, and his ribald, picaresque wanderings are as laugh-out-loud funny as often as they are horrifying. In tattered underwear he stood at the nursery door.

View all 7 comments. Social mobility is the mainspring of much of his fiction. Sweet substances of girl, alone and damp and loving me and moving over me, over me and over, covered safe with her heart and each other’s thighs, my head gone away, tickling teasing, curling hairs and hood of smells and flesh and salt taste like swimming. He then made notes and revisions on different sheets, which were pasted on to the first lot, and so on. View all 8 comments.

A day on which all things are born, like uncovered stars. He sat there elbows on his thighs, hands hanging from his wrists.