My interest in Driftglass stemmed from reading a James Blish short story called Surface Tension. In that story, humans have to adapt to a ocean. “Driftglass” is a lovely story about a type of military unit which uses technology to allow humans to live underwater. The main character, Tio Cal. Driftglass [Samuel R. Delany] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Science fiction by a master of the genre.

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We, in Some Strange Power’s Employ, Move on a Rigorous Line Rifton, November I’ve been adhering to Delany’s habit of giving a date and location of completion for all of his works, and here’s where these dates start to get especially interesting.

Mainly there is the parallel between the frelks seeking liason with spacers in back alleys and certain established corners of city parks with the necessarily circumspect arrangements made by gays in pre-Stonewall times and later.

Delaney is great at pitting character archetypes at one another — lawbreakers and honest citizens, asexual beings and fetishists, those representing progress and those clinging to old ways — flashing them to our own times while extrapolating our next fifty years. Sometimes veins work their way through in patterns like snowflakes, regular and geometric; others, irregular and angled like coral.

Notify me of new posts via email. DriftglassSamuel R. The story explores the relationship between Panos and his brother Spyro, the narrow world of the isolated island, and the seperate hopes of Spryo and an orphaned young woman to leave the island for greater things.

Return to Book Page. Finally the golden discover aliens who can travel to places the golden cannot, and they too must face the limits of their containment. Honestly, I think Delany was trying too hard to write the next Jabberwocky-styled classic instead of sticking with what he knew best. He frequently plumbs the most intimate thoughts of his characters.

Had his interest in this sort of counter culture already been so piqued before even encountering such?


Short Science Fiction Analysis: Driftglass, by Samuel R. Delany

This isn’t me casting aspersions; I think Delaney writes like this on purpose, and probably could make things more clear if he really wanted to. And what was up with the predicitons of worldwide computer networks in xriftglass story from “We, in some strange power’s employ, move on a rigorous line”and light-based computer memory and hopfield net reconstructions “High Weir” and “Time considered as a helix of semi-precious stones” Nov 20, Carl rated it really liked it Shelves: And in a remote outpost near Canada, a lone cluster of Hell’s Angels prepare for the final battle with a society which demands that all men share in the good life Nov 27, Neven rated it really liked it.

He meets a young girl who’s in the aqua corps; he also meets another corps member who is being sent to perform the same deadly job where he sustained his injuries. The ultimate loners, often subjected to further trauma by the government to make sure they are space-ready. Preview — Driftglass by Samuel R. The aquamen seem at ease in such a setting, suggesting that such a transformation is not necessarily completely dellany odds with human behaviour either.

For most writers, getting to the far reaches of space is a problem solved with the invention of warp drives. Drlany came in handy because acclimating to every story is a two or three page process for me, so I always ended up having to double back to make sure I knew everything that was happening before I continued on. The great thing about Delany short stories is that the weird factor is a lot more manageable. I rarely re-read books but when I saw this in a charity shop I bought it and began reading.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Apr 13, Brett Jed rated it really liked it.


Human notions of beauty and transcendence are not necessarily concomitant. Not very enjoyable and difficult to read. Trippy and florid like Bradbury at his purplest, with notes of Vonnegut’s impatient shouting at the page.

You are commenting using your Twitter xriftglass. Sep 11, Eoinda rated it really liked it Shelves: Delany’s voice is memorable and his themes and details lovely, though the plots meander without delivering, and the humor is often too on-the-nose. It’s an oddly grim and affecting vision of what ESP could mean. The family lived in the top two floors of the three-story private house between five- and six-story Dwlany apartment buildings.


His eleventh and most popular novel, Dhalgrenwas published in Here, Delany invents a new sexual orientation and shows its awkwardness and its consequences including a new form of prostitution. Delany didn’t write a lot of stories — preferring, apparently, the longer form — but when he did, they’re unsurprisingly excellent.

Transformation does not entail control. Star Pit and Driftglass were great! In one of his non-fiction books, Times Square Red, Times Square Bluehe draws on personal experience to examine the relationship between the effort to redevelop Times Square and the public sex lives of working-class men, gay and straight, in New York City.

Driftglass – Samuel R. Delany | Martin’s Booklog

Among non-spacers certain maladjusted souls, frelkshave developed a sexual fascination with the delay. On the contrary, it reinforces the joy of the hunt, emphasizing what is very much a human endeavour. Now he lives near the coast of Brazil somewhere, and hangs out with traditional, native fishermen.

Driftglass by Samuel R. Put them in water and they become transparent again. You can follow driftg,ass responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

This is emphasized by the ugly covering of black silica on the skin of the aquamen who are brought in after the accident out at sea, by the end of the novel, mirroring the protagonist’s fate. A really smart writer can make some very complex concepts very approachable.

He was born to a prominent black family on April 1,and raised in Harlem. Refresh and try again. Mar 28, AT rated it delamy liked it.