This seems only to have strengthened Drycha’s resolve, for she rules the other Outcasts as a twisted queen in the place of their estranged mother. Drycha herself. hey there. I have a question about Drychas ability Colony of Flitterfuries. As far as I can read it, if she is in range of friendly units, this ability will. Drycha, the Briarmaven of Woe, is a powerful spirit of Athel Loren. Long ago, Drycha held court amongst the roots of Addaivoch, the once-glorious creature.

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Don’t play it, unless you really want to get away from the hobby. Her earliest lore established that Drycha was old even by dryad standards, predating the Elves leaving Ulthuan, and may have been one of the first dryads in existence in Warhammer.

Also great for when your opponent leaves an objective unguarded.

Anger festers in their hearts. Popular consensus was that she was trying to break the alliance between the Bretonnians and the Wood Elves.

Stick it on a Durthu to get survivability, or put it on 20 Dryads to really punish them for trying to take an objective. So while Spite Revenants debuff enemy bravery, it’d be better to just deal more wounds to the target outright.

All of these forests must be within 1″ of each other and not within an inch of any other scenery GA: The healing magics were not just revitalising the sylvaneth, but were coaxing fresh and monstrous growth from the isle itself. Check out his abilities if you are running multiple Seraphon units though.


They also provide little distraction since they all tend to come in from the front. This can be used to, for example, set up a unit of Kurnoth Rulss in said Wyldwood and then Treesong the Wood along with the Hunters towards the opponent, filling more of his table half with the Wyldwood and pushing your Hunters closer.

Fans tend to describe Drycha as crazy, evil, and hot at least part of the time. Bosses roared orders at their lads, kicking them into action. Email notifications for threads you want to watch closely. Consider some endless spells rulew boost those spell slots.

Age of Sigmar/Tactics/Order/Sylvaneth

She looks like she’s about to hug you, but only to remove your spine. Usually attacks that hit friendly units explicitly specify that, and usually they are special abilities and not shooting attacks. Scary alpha riles with low starting point cost and gives a reason to use Spite-Revenants.

Spirit of Durthu, because he literally draws fire, thereby effectively doubling Drycha’s wounds. It also allows you to include any one Order unit – scour the non battletomed Order units and find the cheesiest unit of the moment and bare in mind it’ll probably take a points nerf in next years drhcha. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Mobs of Ardboys advanced in ragged ranks, eager for the fight but aware they were hugely outnumbered.

Grolnok turned his Maw-krusha to the horizon, the beast winging clumsily away to fight another day. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Dryvha view. Sylvaneth play best when taking first turn. A solid drhcha of Dryads, a big monster, a caster and powerful melee.


Now just the Branchwraith model in Age of Sigmar. There dwelt an ancient and malicious sentience that Alarielle hoped would make Drycha strong.

That Ghyrstrike will really help those big hits to connect. Take Alarielle and lots of big guys or large units, bumped up with endless spells.

Drycha Hamadreth | Age of Sigmar Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

And no room for endless spells. Now, ClanTethil advanced unopposed towards the barren heart of the once-beautiful isle. If you squeeze in Alarielle which you really should consider as she’s effectively points after that free summon there’s even less choice. She rarely conversed with others, even the Dryads who served her as handmaidens, but instead chanted a mantra of the names of all those fellow spirits whom she believes have been failed by the Elves.

Also a great source of mortal wounds with the comet spell. Strong is their hate. They require more tactics and in-depth knowledge of the army than any other faction in the game, but if you know your way around them, they can beat just about everyone.

Vastclaw Valley changed hands several times in the centuries that followed.