The book Homo Hierarchicus: The Caste System and Its Implications, Louis Dumont is published by University of Chicago Press. Documents Similar To _Louis Dumont – Homo Aequalis(1).pdf. Philippe Corcuff as Novas Sociologias. Uploaded by. Julia Coelho · DUMONT Homo Aequalis. Homo Hierarchicus: The Caste System and Its Implications. 3. Homo aequalis . Dumont’s Homo Hierarchicus (), to some extent, revived the interest in.

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For example, we cannot see as variants of the same ideal type a modern head of state and a traditional king whose duties are primarily those of a priest looking after the place of the group in the universal order of things. How Should Politics Be Defined?

He has brought the method of structuralism to bear upon his study of the caste system. That is perfectly true. The notion of structure Actually the question is, why did we not remain, aequzlis the rest of humanity, in the traditional type of social organization?

The comparative principle demands that we reverse the perspective, because from the anthropological point of view aeqkalis is we who are exceptional. His focus jomo debate has been India and the West: The contrast in the Indian and western cognitive systems lies in the holistic character of the former and the individualistic attribute of the latter; this contrast also poses the nature of tension between traditions versus modernity in India Singh, From France to Germany and Back develops this theme.

He explains that the beginning of the divergence are traceable to the distinctiveness of the German version of the enlightenment compared to the western Frenchfor it was religious rather than secularist. This contrast makes it possible to have a comparative definition of a nation: About Contact News Giving to the Press. Hlmo relies heavily on some classical Sanskrit texts while ignoring others.


The opposite is between the principles of purity and pollution. According to Dumont, this reasoning is typically sociocentric. Outside the USA, see our international sales information.

Louis Dumont : Biography and Contribution to World Sociology

The focus is on the German variant. Berreman asserts that the aequlis status opposition is a false dichotomy in the context of caste.

As can be seen in his first publication, La TarasqueDumont—a student of Marcel Mauss—was hardly ignorant of the form and contents of field studies. He was taken as prisoner of war and was detained in a factory on the outskirts of Hamburgh. Just the head of state, the various powers, and the bureaucracy?

The place of ideology But it might well be the royal road for the advancement of sociological understanding. Dumont says that caste is not a form of stratification but a special form of inequality, whose essence has to be deciphered by the sociologists. Dumont used ethnographic details in this study and applied holistic approach.

Rousseau was thus not only the precursor of sociology proper, but as well posed the problem of modern man, who has become a political individual without ceasing to be a social being, a problem which is still with us. Food and drink water in caste relations He has joint venture with Pocock in Contributions to Indian Sociology.

Dumonr will be relativized. Dumont seems to have ignored the number of protest movements, which emerged in Indian history questioning the ideology of the caste division itself, through his emphasis on values. The Germans exterminate the Jews Is representative democracy really democratic? An inventory of sources of change in the caste dumotn lists judicial and political changes, social-religious ho,o, westernization, and growth of modern professions, urbanization, spatial mobility and the growth of market aequaois.


Homo aequalis by Louis Dumont | LibraryThing

All the essays in this collection, except one No. Importance of marriage Dumont returned home from India in and came back at the ATP centre. Concomitants and Implications Dumont wrote many articles and books on sociology in India.

Dumont highlights temporary and permanent impurity. A local example Central India Sections Essays Reviews Interviews Dossiers.

Internal caste government He focused on the need to understand the ideology of caste as reflected in the classical texts, historical examples etc. Dumont spent the years and in Tamil Nadu studying the Pramalai Kallar who stands somewhere in the middle in the regional caste system. According to Nancy Fraser, the renewal of socialism requires a conflation But how can sociologists, simply by critically reviewing themselves, thus understand comprehensively ideas that have to be related to their own culture, the culture of the particular society in which their minds have been formed?

In a commentary on Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Dumont demonstrated all the advantage that can be derived from this advance.