Learn more about the Army ant – with amazing Army ant videos, photos and facts on Arkive. Eciton burchellii are terrestrial, although colonies may occasionally bivouac ( temporarily nest) in trees several meters above ground. Army ants need very humid. Eciton burchellii swarms are largely diurnal, whereas other Eciton species may also be found hunting at night. Eciton burchellii swarms take a broad range of.

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Also, individuals who are outbound, turn to avoid the inbound ants more frequently, giving the prey-burdened ants the right-of-way on the trail. If the prey density in an area is too small, the colony may be forced to ecito the area and move on.

People cannot, unless they use special equipment.

Army ant videos, photos and facts – Eciton burchellii | Arkive

This big, conspicuous species is abundant in humid lowland forests from Brazil and Peru north to southern Mexico Borgmeier, A keystone species, Eciton burchellii plays a critical role in Neotropical rainforest ecosystems. But recently the taxonomic rules have become more strict about sticking to the form of the original publication.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. The stationary condition occurs when the larvae begin to pupate and the physogastric swollen with eggs queen lays eggs. Insects, in general, are very vulnerable to the effects of dehydration because of their large surface area to volume ratio. There are many species of birds that use the foraging practices of the Eciton burchellii as a source of food.

Army Ants of Darkness: Eciton burchellii parvispinum

Image credit Link to this burchelllii Add to scrapbook How you can use this image. It is now clear that although Neivamyrmex colonies follow an endogenous cycle of roughly the Eciton type see Tablethe tempo of their migratory phase is strongly affected by the amount of food they harvest.


One inevitable consequence of colony fission is that male ection ratios are favored, which increases the chance for genetic drift among colonies and allows the species to become susceptible to inbreeding practices.

On Barro Burcheellii Island, which has an area of approximately 17 km2, there exist only about ecitin burchelli colonies at any one time. Just before the queen emerges from the bivouac, the workers on the trail nearby become distinctly more excited, and the column of running workers thickens beyond its usual width of 2 to 3 cm, soon widening to as much as 15 cm. It is possible and even likely that the adaptive value, hence the ultimate causation, is the additional food made available to the colony when it emigrates frequently.

In addition to chemical signals, army ants communicate with vibrations and touch.

The following information is derived from Barry Bolton’s New General Cataloguea catalogue of the world’s ants. I doubt these forms are completely geographically isolated. Distribution and size of host species nests have here and there in the literature been reported to be sparser and smaller near, say, a healthy Polyergus colony. The male Eciton burchellii are burcheellii affected by a fragmented forest habitat.

The eusocial Hymenoptera order has a constrained effective population size compared to other orders. All arthropods have paired jointed limbs and a hard external skeleton exoskeleton. ecton

Eciton burchellii, the swarm raider

Precipitation is typically sciton limiting, but may be somewhat seasonal. Help us share the wonders of the natural world. As they gather to form the bivouac, they link their legs and bodies together with their strong tarsal claws, forming chains and nets of their own bodies that burhcellii layer upon interlocking layer until finally the entire worker force comprises a solid cylindrical or ellipsoidal mass up to a meter across.


After he had demonstrated the eciotn nature of the cycle, and its control by synchronous brood development, he dismissed the role of food depletion. As she runs along she is crowded in by the “retinue,” a shifting mob consisting of an unusual number of soldiers and darkly colored, unladen smaller workers.

Army ants need very humid, warm climates.

The ADW Team gratefully ecuton their support. Larvae are typically very different in appearance to adults; they are able to feed and move around but are usually unable to reproduce.

Yellow-throated bulbul Pycnonotus xantholaemus. Napo stubfoot toad Atelopus planispina. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Eciton burchellii are terrestrial, although colonies may occasionally bivouac temporarily nest in trees several meters above ground.

File:Eciton burchellii army – Wikimedia Commons

They are, to use Schneirla’s expression, “sealed off” from the rest of the daughter colony. In a minority of cases the old queen is also superseded. Eciton burchellii is specifically known to have relationships with Euxenister beetles which live in the nest, travel with the bivouac, groom adult workers, and indiscriminately feed off booty and broods Akre The Smithsonian Report, Report for Eciton burchellii are swarm raiders, foraging in a dense fan shaped swarms that can span several meters across, attached to the temporary nest bivouac by a single column that can itself extend over meters.