View and Download EHome EH user manual online. EH Wireless Router pdf manual download. Default Password, Login and IP for your EHome EH router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your EHome EH router. To perform a EHome router Login or Reset, follow these instructions. Router The EHome EH router with 54mbps WiFi, 4 mbps ETH-ports and 0 USB.

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You should almost definitely pick WPA2 for your networks encryption. Hex recommended – Letters A-F and numbers are valid.

The basic process to open a port is: User Manuals for EH Do you still have questions concerning the router that you can’t find online? A solid light indicates a connection to an Ethernet-enabled computer on ports System Settings Any settings that have not been saved will be lost, including any rules that you have created.

Connect an Ethernet cable in one of the LAN ports of the router and connect it to your other router. A blinking light indicates that the EH is ready. If your username and password do not work then please visit our Default eHome Router Passwords page.

EHome EH100 User Manual

Only the admin account has the ability to change both admin and user account passwords. Now that you have forwarded ports on the eHome EH you should test to see if your ports are forwarded correctly. Click Next to continue. Use the following syntax: Contacting Technical Support Appendix D – Contacting Technical Support Contacting Technical Support eHome provides free technical support for customers within the United States and within Canada for the duration of the warranty period on this product.


Using a power supply with a different voltage rating than the one included with the EH will cause damage and void the warranty for this product. Starting from the first page in your router:. Open up your web ehom and find the address bar. This feature is useful for gaming purposes.

Simple Instructions to Help Setup a Port Forward on the eHome EH Router

Application Rules Some applications require multiple connections, maual as Internet gaming, video conferencing, Internet telephony and others. Wireless Name Your wireless network needs to have a name to uniquely identify it from other wireless networks. Position your devices so that the number of walls or ceilings is minimized.

The most common router ip address settings for EHome units are as follows extracted from all the models we have data on.

All the wireless devices, or clients, will connect to the wireless router or access point. You can use a comma to add multiple ports or port ranges. Put a name for this forward in the Name box so that you can remember eu100 you set this forward up. If the connection fails, please verify that the WEP settings are correct.

Setup WiFi on the eHome EH100

If you are interested in why, read our WiFi Channels guide. Pptp To disable this feature, enable Auto-reconnect. EHome default IP addresses Note that this still differs between EHome models and to be sure that you are trying to reach the correct ip check your specific model from the list below. Page 40 IP address.


Update Firmware You can upgrade the firmware of the Router here. Setup a static IP address on either your computer or device that you want to forward a port to.

Ehome EH Manuals

Enter text from picture: It may take a few tries to initially connect to the Internet. The following IP address is the most common to login to EHome routers. Other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Default factory settings for EHome EH If you have performed a reset of your EH device or not changed the defaults, you should be able to access it with the following settings: Included on all the pages are also the default settings, such as passwords and IPs so that you can easily access your network and configure it to your needs.

This process of opening a port is frequently called a port forwardsince you are forwarding a port from the internet to your home network.