Ekiga is a SIP and H VoIP, IP Telephony and Video Conferencing More documentation is available in the manual available through Ekiga’s Help menu. Ekiga SIP Setup and configuration guide for voip settings and pc to phone calling of Ekiga softphone and install to your PC following the instructions here. To install Ekiga for Linux Ubuntu go to the Ubuntu Software Center, type Ekiga and select Install. For Windows the program can be downloaded from the URL.

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To send the message simply type Return.

You can force the manhal of a specific codec by selecting it and disabling all other codecs, but this will result in failed calls if the remote user has not enabled that specific codec. You can set a presence status message in Ekiga that advertises your presence to your contacts. Notice that you need to specify an URI where to forward calls in the preferences to be able to activate that option.

For video mnaual, a webcam is connected to your computer. It is your own address at eoiga default account which will appear on the SIP client of your friend as the source of the call. If there is too much packets loss, the delay required to have received all packets could be so important that it will exceed the jitter buffer. Audio will cease to be sent, but video transmission will continue.


The most common online address book type is the LDAP directory. Default is also a good choice for your internal sound card. It has received only few testing, it works on developers machines, and the only known major regression which should hopefully be fixed in the next unstable release compared to the last stable release is the following: Use the sliders to adjust the levels to fit your needs.

If you are running Novell Evolution or KAddressBook, you’ll notice the contact has been updated in each respective application’s Personal address book as well.

Many of the functions of Ekiga are available with keyboard shortcuts. Stay tuned for more information! For dialing in to regular phone networks, a SIP account is required. One regression is known: See test your camera section in this manual for more information.

Answering a Call If you need to tweak the sound parameters during a call, click on the Audio Settings icon in the Call Panel. If you do not want to use a commercial provider, check the box in front of “I do ekgia want to sign up for the ekiga. You hear the ring sound on your headset or your speakers.

Personal eliga Log in. A dialog will appear and allow you to enter the connection parameters. At any time you can manually register and unregister with a VoIP service: If the test was successful, you can continue to the next page of this manual.


The extended stream window appears when a frame of the extended video is processed, and it is hidden when the communication ends.

Ekiga General – direct call using ip address

You hear the ring sound on your headset or your speakers. It is only necessary to trigger ondespite the previous example. Ekiga has ENUM support. Abstract Modern telecommunication means far more than just making a phone call.

ekiga(1) – Linux man page

Note that when people searches on ekiga. Normal Application Incoming calls can only be received and answered if Ekiga is already running. The best approach is to put your preferred codecs at the top of the list, and to disable the codecs that you do not want to use for sending and receiving audio.

The last window displays a summary of the settings you have chosen.


This window allows you to add and register with SIP, H. If you do not have any video devices you may skip this page: See technical details for technical details on how ENUM works. By default, Ekiga opens the Contacts tab.