One of the welding processes that used in Engineering field is the electrogas welding. There are several types of welding processes similar to. Abstract. Electrogas arc welding (EGW) is used for vertical position welding of sheer strakes and hatch side coamings of container ships because of its higher. (13 mm) could be satisfactorily welded in the vertical position in a single pass. This technique is called electrogas welding (EGW). EGW has enjoyed steady.

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It is easily prevented by using adequate thickness of material on the bottom of the sump, or by attaching e,ectrogas backup plate to the sump. Welds having low 0. There is no repositioning of the joint once welding has started; welding continues to completion, so that the weld is made in one pass.

Have a few tools e. The general classification system of electrodes for EGW weoding illustrated in Figure 7. The conducted heat serves to preheat the base metal due to the relatively slow advance of the welding arc.

The equipment of electrogas welding is reliable and training an operator is easy. The weld should be carefully exam- designed to accommodate as much variation as practical, ined in these regions. This applies to the EG7X series also. In addition to the steels shown in Table 7. Weld solidification is covered in detail in Chapter 4 of the Welding Handbook, Volume 1, 8th Edition.

Guide tubes are available in various lengths and for some applications may be welded together to accommodate longer joints. Shielding is done by means of an inert gas, such as argon or helium depending on the type of material being welded.


This tendency can be eliminated by adding one or more additional electrodes and thereby reducing or eliminating the oscillation. A typical EGW checklist is shown in Table 7.

Weleing weld area is protected from atmospheric contamination by a separate shielding gasor by the gas produced by the disintegration of a flux-cored electrode wire. The operator should be trained to set up and properly operate the equipment. The condition shown in Figure 7. Greater misalignment creates a variety of problems, including leakage of weld metal, irregular bead shape, poor tie-in, overlap, undercut, and loss of shielding.

For many structural and pressure vessel nonexistent in single-pass electrogas welds. Welding Current The welding current shall be direct current, electrode positive reverse polarity. Shielding gas for flux cored electrodes is as noted in Table 7. Some examples of these steel grades are shown in Table 7.

Electrogas Welding (EGW)

Adequate ventilation should be provided, especially when welding with self-shielded flux cored electrodes. Electrogas welding can be applied to most steelsincluding low and medium carbon steelslow alloy high strength steels, electrogass some stainless steels.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The edges or surfaces of the parts to be joined shall be prepared by oxygen cutting and shall be cleaned of oil, grease, moisture, scale, rust, or other foreign material.

Note also that either flux cored or solid electrodes can be classified in any of the mechanical properties classifications. The resulting solidification pattern is shown by the sketch of a vertical section of an electrogas weld in Figure 7.

Also attached to the apparatus are backing shoes which restrain the weld to the width of the workpieces.


Electrogas Welding (EGW) – Welding Technology

One or more electrodes are fed through a conduit and a continuous arc is maintained by flux-cored electrodes at up to A or solid weldnig at A. The principle difference is that none of the equipment moves vertically during consumable guide welding. Users should optimize these settings to meet their specific requirements. When the sump and runoff tabs are removed, defects such as cracking and porosity may be detected. As weldingg cavity fills, one or both shoes may move upward.

This technique is called electrogas welding EGW. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Electrode is used without externally supplied shield gas. However, when it becomes necessary to restart a electrogaz, the starting defect can be confined to the near surface area by employing the technique illustrated in Figure 7.

Excessive slag buildup can lead to poor penetration or nonfusion. Speed of vertical travel is a function of deposition rate and root opening and need not be specified. BoxMiami, Florida Shielding gas, if used: When oscillation of the electrode in the joint is required, set the front location for the electrodeepectrogas distance, oscillation time, and dwell time s as specified.

This unique residual stress pattern is just the reverse equal to or better than those of the base metal for most of the residual stresses that are likely electgogas occur with mul- structural and pressure vessel steels.

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