The charming, slyly comic novel of romantic longing and transformation that inspired the Oscar-nominated film Four very different women, looking. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Four Englishwomen vacation together at an Italian castle in von Arnim’s novel, a film version of which is now a . The Enchanted April [Elizabeth Von Arnim] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Four Englishwomen, strangers to each other, rent a villa for a.

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The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim

She is almost instantly transformed by the heavenly setting, relaxing and gaining confidence. I saw enchantd movie version of this book when it came out about These descriptions of time and place ended up working for me much better than the plot developments.

Elizabeth von Arnim displays a delicious sense of humor throughout, like in the subtle competition between Rose and Mrs Fisher for the right to preside as hostess, or in the sly appropriation of certain areas of the castle for their exclusive use by Scrap and Mrs Fisher — and the supremely funny passages dealing with the temperamental bathroom at the castle; and Mellersh Wilkins’ undignified experience while enjoying a bath there after his early morning arrival at San Salvatore.

We are taken through ranim thoughts of both women leading up to the trip and during the month at San Salvatore. It was interesting that the air von Armin puts between them often reads like action that has taken place off stage. She felt small and dreadfully alone.

John Enchwnted said, at the beginning of his book, Travels with Charley: If much of this comes across as contrived, that is beside the point. No one can come away from this April without thinking, even for just a moment, that the course of true love, unsmooth as it may run, is certainly worth taking.


The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim – review | Books | The Guardian

Almost instantaneously, Vom Salvatore works its magic on all four women. I’m thinking the special thing about The Enchanted April is that desire.

Elizabeth recommended this book to me thank you, Elizabeth!! I don’t think the power of a trip such as the one these four women took can be overestimated. Once the women arrive in Italy the narrative is sustained through the type of problems such as “oh, how is Mrs.

The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim () | LiteraryLadiesGuide

Her disapproval has succeeded in driving a wedge between them, with an austere and loveless relationship the inevitable result — with Rose dedicating herself to her good works, and Frederick indifferent and dismissive of his wife’s feelings and opinions.

Apr 30, Gerhard rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed the seaside setting of the Italian castle, but I enjoy a complex plot of intrigue as well as multilayered character development.

Wilkins led a restrained life and was overtaxed in her domestic duties; the young Mrs. Change them it did, the magic happens and how it affected each one of enchanhed is what makes the story so enjoyable.

I was smitten by all of the women, and found bits of myself in each of them. I loved so much imagining the past when in historical sites.

The Enchanted April

Overall, while I like the female characters elizaebth lot, the men don’t have much to be said for them. View all 16 comments. Ed Eliot aveva letto la Mansfield e la von Arnim? How passionately she longed to be important to somebody again—not important on platforms, not important as an asset in an organisation, but privately important, just to one other person, quite privately, nobody else to know or notice.


I was especially fond of the character Lotty Wilkins, enchanteed one who was convinced that a month in Italy wou “To those who appreciate wistaria and sunshine View all 18 comments. Spending all of the savings in one big go because the having that to look forward to is totally something I would do.

A writer brought up in influential circles, she married no less than five times in her life, and also enjoyed an affair with writer H.

It is written in a way that evokes geniality, without dipping her toes into the waters of sentimentality, which is a testament to her talent as a writer. She is perceptive about the way people misread one another’s good and not so good intentions, and the early chapters read like a comedy of miscommunication. It certainly held me in a velvet vice. It is an enchanted April this month in Italy, a story of smiles and solid enjoyment and one such as few writers could produce.

A very delightful one, actually. But it would be beautiful; whatever it was would be beautiful.