Potencial da análise termográfica para avaliar manifestações patológicas fachadas, termografía, ensayos no destructivos, manifestaciones. Phone, Suggest a phone number Prevend – ensayos no destructivos y termografia. Posts about Prevend – ensayos no destructivos y termografia. There are. interesan desde el punto de vista de los ensayos no destructivos (END) Termografía activa, ensayo no destructivo (END), imagen térmica.

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Method and apparatus for quantitative nondestructive evaluation of metal airfoils using high resolution transient thermography. Verfahren zur riss- und fehlstellenerkennung bei bauteilen aus nichtmetallischen werkstoffen insbesondere natursteinplatten und steinen.

Method and apparatus for nondestructive analysis of subsurface features of material.

Infrared Windows – Infrared Cameras – Infrared Thermography – SI Termografía Infrarroja

Metodo de inspeccion de defectos producidos en material compuesto de fibra de carbono por pinchazo en bolsa durante el proceso de fabricacion. Thermography test method and apparatus for bonding evaluation in sputtering targets.


Method for thermal tomography of thermal effusivity from pulsed thermal imaging. Procede et machine automatiques d’inspection et de tri d’objets non metalliques. Methods and system for ultrasonic thermographic non-destructive examination for enhanced defect determination.

Method of detecting defects in an object based on active thermography and a system thereof.


System for generating thermographic images using thermographic signal reconstruction. Device for subsurface flaw detection in reflective materials by thermal transfer imaging.

Systems and methods for detecting defects in coatings utilizing color-based thermal mismatch.

Optical method and apparatus for detection of surface and near-subsurface defects in dense ceramics. Method and apparatus for detection of defects using localized heat injection of short laser pulses.

Prevend – ensayos no destructivos y termografia

Method and apparatus for automated thermal imaging of combustor liners and other products. Method and apparatus for detecting normal cracks using infrared thermal imaging. Evaluation of defects in composite plates under convective environments using lock-in thermography.


Synchronized electronic shutter system and method for thermal nondestructive evaluation. Method and apparatus for the portable identification of material thickness and defects along uneven surfaces using spatially controlled heat application.

Ensayos No Destructivos by Alejandra Borrell on Prezi

Actively quenched lamp, infrared thermography imaging system, and method for actively controlling flash duration. Optical observation device and method for observing articles at elevated temperatures.

Method and device for visually measuring structural fatigue using a temperature sensitive coating. Emissivity corrected infrared method for imaging anomalous structural heat flows.

US USA en Method for determining heat transfer performance of an internally cooled structure. Thermal imaging measurement of lateral diffusivity and non-invasive material defect ebsayos.