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What steps are being taken germxn the Commission to review the measures with the aim of streamlining procedures, reducing unnecessary bureaucracy and ensuring that priority is attached to those shown to be of most value to the tasks of combating terrorism and fighting crime? Skates and rays are caught together in mixed fisheries and managed under a common Total allowable catch TAC. Free movement of professionals and recognition of the legal profession in the Maggipri States. The statutory retirement age in Belgium is Use of neonicotinoid pesticides in agriculture.

The women who ran the orphanage admitted that they chained up children with mental disorders in order to avoid violent reactions.

Given that human rights violations and trafficking in organs are crimes, does the Commission intend to take diplomatic steps internationally to halt this barbarous practice? One paragraph of the proposed amendment that prescribes the use of non-refillable getman oil containers in catering establishments met with widespread criticism in the European media.

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Aside from the unexplained designation of the driver as a cyborg, there is essentially no reference to time or technology that would hint at how far in the future if at all the scene is set.


In the farming sector, the new tax will apply, under certain conditions, to farmland that is owned and managed by owner-occupiers or farm entrepreneurs who do not actually farm the land themselves; the tax also applies, with a few exceptions, to farm buildings and areas suitable for building.

The Kenya Red Cross said at least 75 people were injured in the two attacks. The Commission will carefully observe market developments and will not hesitate to open an investigation if necessary. In view of mggiori situation, is the Commission planning to harmonise the rules and introduce a common European system, or is it looking at other arrangements?

Secondo quanto riportato dai giornali, l’unico superstite ha riferito che i dispersi si sarebbero imbarcati dalla Libia. Other worrying provisions include the following: International Business Centre of Madeira: Reprogramming of the European Fisheries Fund — Portugal. Hygiene questions concerning olive oil containers in food establishments.

Hombees the autumn ofthe Commission, in cooperation with Eurostat, will publish more emtre results. In what quantities is this dangerous substance usually present in Sorbitol? The latter include remaining human rights violations, in particular in ethnic areas. Last December in its Conclusions on CSDP the European Council underlined that EU Member States must be ready to provide future-oriented defence capabilities and fill the critical gaps, including those identified in recent operations.

EU-Mauritania fisheries partnership agreement rejected by Parliament. Hence, the revised Energy Taxation Directive would only slow down the trend towards more hombrws of the Germa car fleet, but would not revert it and is not expected to have a negative impact on the viability of the European automotive industry.

The environmental association Paeseambiente, in particular, has submitted a complaint to the environmental unit of the Treviso military police.

EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – EN – EUR-Lex

However, sustainability and food security research need to consider the effects and interactions of environmental challenges. The dangers of a health hazard and pollution are posed only in the case of removal, which incurs the threat of a release of asbestos fibres.


These programmes were designed to address the main structural weaknesses of the Spanish economy and labour market in the long run. Wat vindt de Commissie van de door gsrman piloten en een ex-piloot in de reportage. The Commission and the European External Action Service EEAS are working closely to fullfill this aim and have a well-coordinated view on how this can maaggiori be achieved.

Could Member States retain their subsidy and quota mechanisms so as to preserve the distinctive characteristics of European cinema?

De PVV is het hier volledig mee eens. Schriftelijke vragen van leden van het Europees Parlement en de antwoorden van instellingen van de Europese Unie. European Chemicals Agency and lead shot. The long-term repercussions on our health of eating these mutants are still not known.

When, as a result of her opposition activities, she was expelled from university and started to receive threats, she decided to leave Minsk, travelling first to Poland, where she was granted political asylum, and then to Sweden. The Commission is therefore not in a position to take further action or to address a recommendation to the Swedish authorities. Within each financial year the monthly rhythm of budget commitment and payment execution may however vary considerably.

Por otra parte, las observaciones del Sr.