The Microchip Technology Inc. 27C64 is a CMOS 64K bit (electrically) Programmable Read Only Memory. The device is organized as 8K words. 27C64 64k (8k X 8) CMOS EPROM FEATURES. High speed performance ns access time available CMOS Technology for low power consumption 20 mA. 27C64 EPROM Datasheet, 27C64 64K EPROM Datasheet, buy 27C

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I would be very grateful for any further assistance you might be able to provide on the above. Programming File for 27C64 Eprom It’s a strange system, if if the date is difficult to read it was well into the era of microprocessors so using so much discrete logic seems a bit backwards. You can always tell a programmer by the way they count on their fingers then take their shoes off to count on their toes as well! I’m suspicious of the maximum voltage for logic 1 being 2.

What is the function of TR1 in this circuit 3. CMOS Technology file 1. Part and Inventory Search. What you ask for is very easy to do, you need to think in hexadecimal though instead of decimal.

Remember the 27C64 has 13 address lines so the values on them can be from to 1FFF but the output is 8 bits so can only go from 00 to FF. I have the data for the Channel Change Eprom prepared but still have to spend more time on the Programming software to be clear about where to place the entries in the correct rows. Programming File for 27C64 Eprom Thanks Brian, I am still having trouble getting a Correct Eprom image that will work correctly combining the Channel change module and the radio Module.

The radio module Eprom is working correctly as i can manually select the Channels via the 8 pin Dip switch and they follow the Dip Switch codes from the manual. How reliable is it?

27C64 – 27C64 64K EPROM Datasheet

I assume the outputs from the EPROM are connected to the inputs of a PLL circuit so that different frequencies are selected for each combination of logic state. I would guess the data ends up in a PLL circuit elsewhere in the radio so sprom equal sized jumps in EPROM data would suggest that the same frequency spacing exists between each channel 10Khz, 25KHz or whatever. I am not fluent with Eprom programming and i have probably messed up the conversion from Binary to hex or placed it in the wrong location.


Will be in touch when i have had a good look with my thinking cap on. Thanks again for your time, Regards, Chris S. You could replace the whole module with just a handful of modern components, in fact you could epromm the entire selector AND channel EPROM board with a simple micro and a display driver circuit.

Perom do you get an MCU design to market quickly? You will see distinctly different voltages on the pins and they will almost certainly be very close to 0V or 5V. I have a circuit Diagram of the unit and the input to the Eprom is already there with the BCD eorom done by a pair of chips.

I am using “Eprom45” buffer to generate the. A logic probe and DVM should tell you the same result so it’s up to you which you use. It would have to be replaced with an LCD but that introduces mechanical problems of fitting one in the same space.

Dec 248: The time now is Then for each input state, write the output state you need, this is what the EPROM should produce on it’s data lines. Would you know why this is i tried redoing this several times and the result came out the same? There will be a “no mans land” zone at and possibly around the 2.

I have the circuit below of the Channel Change module that describes how the output of the Two Pushbutton switches are latched and then feed the 27C64 inputs but i am unsure what input location to start from, I. You have cleared up a lot of my confusion over this and have given me a Good place to start, time to do some serious study. The Channel Change module runs on 12V DC fed from the rack supply and if i can use this to power the Logic probe would this give me the ground signal for the probe to check the status of the lines?


27C64 Datasheet pdf – 64K (8K x 8) CMOS EPROM – Microchip

BTW – my back is much better thanks. Equating complex number interms 27cc64 the other 6. Bin Eprom file that we have been discussing? By the way, i rechecked my data file for the 27c64 eprom and you were correct, the Logic 1 state is 2. The problem is knowing where to stop, not where to start! Similar Threads Eprom programming help 8.

27C64 EPROM Datasheet

The on the third schematic is periodicaly pulsing the latch signal so the switches are read in. Whether the output bits are correct or not depends on what they do later on in the radio. Programming File for epron Eprom. Turn on power triac – proposed circuit analysis 0.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about what other people find amusing, seeking Humour in other peoples eptom normally indicates a low self image problem. After a while, when you have got used to thinking in hexadecimal it all falls into place, it’s easier than it looks.

I sprom that badly, not sure now what info i need so that the Eprom can decide which output lines to pull low Ground Apologies. Bin files i have seen before. I have 10 channels but if you could possibly show me this one example i can work the rest out by trial and error, hopefully.

It makes reading and writing a bit difficult.