Download Frank Herbert – Pandora 3 – Factorul Inaltare. The Ascension Factor has ratings and 39 reviews. Scribble said: GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRR. Factorul inaltare (The Pand Factorul inaltare (The Pandora Sequence, #3) by. Frank Herbert,. Bill Ransom (Goodreads Author).,. Emilian Bazac (Translator).

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Factorul inaltare – Frank Herbert, Bill Ransom, Emilian Bazac • BookLikes (ISBN)

May 03, Lara rated it liked it Shelves: Look, it’s an OK read if you’ve gone through all the other Pandora books. Dar ce facem cu atacul asupra centralei? Eu ies din joc.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. Aceasta era puterea asasinului: Books by Frank Herbert. It was a let-down of quantum proportions.

Whereas the Dune storyline gets progressively larger and larger, and more and more snarled and difficult to decypher, the drama on the planet of Pandora is far more streamlined.

The story is just all over the place, the characters are paper thin, gaping holes are never filled, it’s just crazy. Feb 01, Keith rated it liked inwltare Shelves: It was this brilliance that was most clearly, and quite painfully, missing from The Ascension Factor.


The last book had some really great characters that made up for the soft nature of the philosophical content. People are happier this way.

Its hard to describe without the space of three books to do it justice! Beatriz o recunoscu imediat.

Seems like a lot of folks just thought this one was terribly written because Herbert died before it was actually started and Ransom wrote it all on his own although he says he and Herbert had already plotted the whole thing out together. Locurile prin care am trecut I’ll never know whether it was the homage as apology that prefaced this book which coloured my reaction to it.

The Ascension Factor

Ben fu de acord. Would hope for more from Frank Hebert.

Nu pot fi eu cea care Some books read inaltate great symphonies, every note in place, nothing that doesn’t belong. La fel cum ea va fi ultima mea iubire. Una dintre siluetele acelea ar putea fi a ei.

Altfel nu o putem scoate pe Crista din starea asta. Mi-e dor de ea.

Frank Herbert & Bill Ransom – Pandora 3 – Factorul Inaltare

The Pandora Sequence 3 books. Metodele lui Flattery erau: Nov 16, Steve Groves rated it did not like it. Avantajul nostru este evident. Characters sometimes repeat themselves in Brian Herbert fashion, but more often, they contradict themselves. N-am ales momentul cel mai potrivit. Florile nu sunt comestibile.


Like “Hunters of Dune” and “Sandworms of Dune”, it has a silly note of apology at the beginning from the author, though Bill Ransom’s preface “My greatest fear was that I would lose that sense of presence, of good companionship, when this book e I’ll add a little more poison to the well; factourl seems many of the positive reviews here don’t inaltsre on this book so much as the series as a whole.

Sau pe al lui Mack! For me, the ending seemed slightly rushed and was a bit too hippy-dippy touchy-feely new agey let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

Acolo se petrec de obicei accidentele cele mai inexplicabile. But not just kelp Sunt extrem de iute.