Fomenko is considered a top mathematician, being a member Fomenko’s New Chronology asserts that most of. The “New Chronology” (or NC) is a scientific current led by mathematicians Anatoly T. Fomenko, Gleb V. Nosovskiy and their collaborators. New Chronology looks like a volca definition of badhistory, it’s zenith, it’s triumph. Fomenko says that history is much shorter than you think.

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Along these lines, Fomenko specifically focuses on the writings of 16th-century French Christian scholar Joseph Scaliger. Wikimedia Commons Joseph Scaliger. Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko has devised a system he calls the ‘New Chronology’ The vocabulary of Babylonian astronomical symbols once applied to clay tablets don’t allow for extraction of unique dates of eclipses. Fiction over fact Pseudohistory. Learn more at Author Central.

That said, there are historical events for which there are different absolute dates with at least comparable plausibility. Fomenko picked up these ideas, added in a host of dubious mathematical calculations related to the astronomical record, and so the New Chronology was born.

Author of scientific publications, 26 monographs and textbooks on mathematics, a specialist in geometry and topology, variational calculus, symplectic topology, Hamiltonian geometry and mechanics, computer geometry. His chronology is commonly rejected among professional historians, including most fellow Russian academics, as being non-historical in nature. Retrieved 3 May One might wonder why we should want to revise the chronology of ancient history today and base our revision on new empirical-statistical methods.

History; Fiction or Science? These books explained many things to me, and put many things in their proper place. In doing so, it questions the official chronology proposed by the religious Joseph Justus Scaliger and Dionysius Petaviusand links to the work already explored by other scientists, such as Isaac Newton or Nicolay Alexandrovich Morozov For the New Chronologists, peoples such as the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Mongolsand others who assert their national independence from Russia, are suffering from a historical delusion.


The task of chronology is to put in order the events into proper way on a temporary scale based on the available information. His basic assumption is that a text which describes a sequence of events will devote more space to more important events for example, a period of war or an unrest will have much more space devoted to than a period of peacefulnon-eventful yearsand that this irregularity will remain visible in other descriptions of the period.

Alternate historical chronology – RationalWiki

Newton’s analysis has since been criticized as suffering “from two fundamental defects. The vocabulary of Egyptian astronomical symbols once applied to horoscopes from temples allows for extraction of unique dates of eclipses. Of the Chronology of the First Ages of the Greeks.

Documents that conflict with New Chronology are said to have been edited or fabricated by conspirators; the Vatican, the Holy Roman Empire and pro-German Romanov dynasty. The Issue with Chinese Astronomy.

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Fomenko also claims that carbon dating over the range of AD 1 to is inaccurate because it has too many sources of error that are either guessed at or completely ignored, and that calibration is done with a statistically meaningless number of samples. Fomenko explains the seemingly vast differences in the biographies of nnew figures as resulting from difference in languages, points of view and time-frame of the authors of said accounts and biographies.

They called the debate between traditional historians fomeenko readers, supporters of the New Chronology.


Fomenko, had been working in depth on issues chronoligy chronology and that some interesting results had been achieved. Retrieved from ” https: As in the case of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Aliensour interest is solely in first-hand statements, i. But it appeared to be a difficult task to build a new, non-contradictory concept of chronology. Nosovskiy and their collaborators.

nea When later questioned on these results, Hardouin stated that he would reveal the monks’ reasons in a letter to be revealed only after his death. History’s Timetables Under Siege Second ed. The Mongol Empire and Ivan the Terrible”. While Fomenko rejects commonly accepted dating methods, archaeologists, conservators and other scientists make extensive use of such techniques which have been rigorously examined and refined during decades of fkmenko.

On 24 April Warren wrote a follow-up article for the Telegraph giving more particulars regarding Kasparov and New Chronology and with several quotes. Intogether with a few colleagues from the mathematics department of Moscow State Universityhe published several articles on “new mathematical methods in history” in peer-reviewed journals.


An important property is the length of the rule. Book 4 Jul 19, In his work on an alternate historical chronology, James shares some common ground with Immanuel Velikovsky and David Rohl.

For example, one of the properties is the way of death: Attempts have been made throughout history to verify the accuracy of Biblical scripture through the use of falsified historical information.