Lukáš, together with Vodnář, are no novices when it comes to publishing and editing books by Franz Bardon. They are the team who, after years of research. At the end of April , during the Prague Hermetic Conference, our editor, Lukas Louzecky, had a talk about his recent discoveries about Franz Bardon. In , the spirit of a high Hermetic adept entered the body of a fourteen-year- old child named Franz Bardon, destined to become one of the most remarkable.

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The reader will learn the kind of methods which are employed by the evil forces to reach their goals and how an entire organization is completely powerless when it comes!

But the people were only given their religion in symbols no matter kind of religion they believed in. It may well be that some letters of the cosmic language are known to and comprehended by them, but no one to this day has written about it in detail. Bardon’s metaphysical system commences with Initiation Into Hermetics and is expanded on in the subsequent volumes. Bardoj in no way, however confirms these misconceptions of the masses, for the field of Hermetic Magick, tracing its roots to Framtisek Egypt, and its applications to the mysterious field of Alchemy, represents the most complete System of Yoga ever developed in the Western World.

Frantiisek repeatedly emphasizes that the initiate can only develop an understanding of himself and his universe within the scope of their awareness and spiritual maturity. Students of his, such as Emil Stejnar, Walter Ogris, Martin Faulks, William Mistele and Rawn Clark consider him to have written the best training programs of any magician of the 20th century.

The reader will also learn about the significance of the magic circle, the magic triangle, the magic censer, the magic mirror, the magic lamp, the magic wand, the magic robe, and other magical aids as well as the proper instruction of ritual magic. A detailed description of their expertise in a particular field bardn listed in this book by name and sphere, and how to establish contact with these beings.

In order to form words and sentences with them and, in time, to speak in the cosmic language, barron must have a complete command of them. By exactly observing the guidelines which have been recommended franfisek in regards to the appropriate attitude and the preparation of all magical instruments, the magician calls forth within himself an extremely strong state of manifestation of belief, will and all the attributes of the law.

Very few are aware of the fact that what can be accomplished in one day earth takes a thousand days in the spiritual world. The frantksek Kabbalah is of Hebrew origin; the various religious systems have different terms for this science.


The “I” consciousness is a fundamental attribute of the spirit on the mental plane as an aspect of the universal Earth element. This can easily be determined when a fratisek is summoned or conjured simultaneously at different locales, through a so-called medium.

As in the two preceding volumes, Initiation into Hermetics and The Practice of Magical Evocation, The Key to the True Kabbalah will guide the student step by step through the exercises. The author also explains the reasons why the Mysteries were revealed and why Divine Providence gave him the task of publishing them.

What is clear in the light of the information as brought to us by some people source? Moreover, the talisman has to be dipped into a glass filled with pure water where it has to remain for a whole day, the magician having concentrated frangisek the wish that the water may draw out of it any bad influences. Since all frantiisek aids bring forth a very special feeling of respect in every magician, they must be hidden from the view of any uninitiated frantusek in order to avoid any profanation.

Bardon’s second work, dealing with the evocation of spirits, outlined first the symbolic meaning of the traditional ritual tools and temple designs, then goes on to describe a method of evoking spirits. Moses was able to divide the Red Sea with the help of this formula so that he and his people could cross it without getting their feet wet and without danger.

The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon.

Inshortly before the war ended, he was sentenced to death. You could divide magical knowledge into three categories: In order to avoid much error, I will pay special attention to this subject so that everybody can separate the chaff from the wheat.

Thus the more balanced, more evolved student has access to a more comprehensive reality. Using the common German alphabet, Bardon guides the reader through ever greater levels of Kabbalistic achievement.

In the practical part of Kabbalah, the reader is introduced to the mysticism of each barron.

A learned man will be able to say a lot about magic, Quaballah, etc. Beyond that it offers a glimpse into a complete magical universe.

Bardon, Franz

The Practice of Magical Evocation is divided into two parts: The structures of the Kabbalah cited in numerous books are quite suitable for the theorist who wants to get an idea of the lawfulness of the Kabbalah, but they are thoroughly insufficient as regards that practice which promises knowledge of the correct application of the powers of the Word.


Views Read Edit View history. Humankind will have to resign itself to the fact that a great deal of evidence concerning the workings of our cosmos can only be furnished through spiritual means. Evidence regarding the events related in this book will be reserved for people trained and developed in magic. Bardon also posited “electric” and “magnetic” forces, which are used more as terms for the universal active and passive forces, respectively.

To save considerable time for those who are unfamiliar with the Hebrew alphabet, the regular Latin letters are used.

When an individual barron off his carnal shell, he immediately finds himself in the fourth state of aggregation, usually known as “the beyond. He will not evoke a being from its sphere, because whatever a being from the fourth state of aggregation has to say to him or accomplish in the physical or astral world, can be achieved by the magician himself through his own maturity.

He was born in OpavaAustrian Silesia. His work was interrupted forever inwhen he was arrested during one of Czechoslovakia’s notorious Communist purges. Augenzeugen, konnte er jemanden auch ohne eine Verbalsuggestion in einen hypnotischen Zustand versetzen. YouTube aktivieren Ohne YouTube fortfahren. In the thought, its qualitative part appears to us as active. Throughout the ages, adepts of every time and place have achieved the highest levels of magical attainment through the understanding of sound, color, number and vibration as embodied in the Kabbalah.

Many books have been written about the Kabbalah, but in practice very little can be used, since most of the original books were written in Hebrew. It should also be mentioned that any description of these books is pale by comparison to the entire content which by far exceeds any description or review.

The value of the quality of the instinct of self-preservation lies in the wish to live bardo long as possible on the material plane. Bardon has the consideration, however, to remove the cloaks and veils, and present the System Logically and Systematically.

From the Publisher In many writings of the freemasons and other secret societies, the lost key or the lost Word of God is much discussed. Unfortunately, Bardon’s posthumous manuscript was not ready for print, and therefore Rueggeberg Verlag had to revise it. The photographs bardkn Hermes Trismegistos, Lao-tse, Mahum Tah-Ta and Shambalah presented in this volume were first painted by a mediumistic artist from the magic mirror of Franz Bardon.