The Good Muslim has ratings and reviews. Pankaj Mishra praised A Golden Age, Tahmima Anam’s debut novel, as a “startlingly accomplished and. In “A Golden Age,”Tahmima Anam chronicled Bangladesh’s war for independence through the story of Rehana Haque, a widow drawn. Delicate, heart-wrenching and poetic, this is a novel ofgreat poise and power.” — Tash Aw, author of The Harmony Silk Factory Set in Bangladesh at a ti.

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And while the focus of the novel is on the clash between secularism and faith, it also raises that critical question of how — when both sides have committed war crimes — can a country achieve justice and reconciliation in a postwar period?

Although, in the mean time, during Maya’s mother’s tahhmima illness, it forces her to find peace in the beliefs and comfort of the holy book and its teachings, and also serving mmuslim an activist for all those who have suffered from the war.

Novelist Tahmima Anam Asks: Who Is ‘The Good Muslim’? : NPR

Like I was finally good for something. Maya, resolutely secular, begins to understand Sohail’s religious zeal and to reflect on the practicality of religion and a possible return to prayer: It helps to know the Haque family history, and to know the characters as they were in so hopeful and militant and in love with the idea of freedom for Bangladesh. Initial reviews for the Good Muslim are mostly positive. It shows how families, neighbours, ordinary citizens coped with war, how they got involved and the effect it muskim on them all.

Revolution And The Question Of ‘The Good Muslim’

The author has raised many relevant issues: Her desire to be “good for something” will lead to another family, while her articles bring her into conflict with the paranoid ruling powers, in a poignant mulim sequence of great suspense.

Maya still holds to her Revolutionary ideals but has left journalism and trained as a doctor. Now she was in retreat from them, passively accepting whatever it was they chose to do: Whereas Sohail, Maya’s brother has changed a lot, as he has become more of a religious man and finds almost no time for his little son, Zaid.


Now that the revolution was successful, brother and sister struggle on how to cope in this budding time of peace. She still has tahmlma same revolutionary zeal, but Sohail has resorted to religiosity in its puritanical form.

These are two souls who have survived the war of Independence that birthed the nation of Bangladesh, and the revolution that finally has calmed down in their world. In addition to tracking the era of rebuilding that immediately followed East Pakistan’s uprising, The Good Muslim also jumps forward to the early s, and ends with another mass rebellion. A lot of people praised the first book so I might pick it up and give it a chance and hopefully I’d enjoy it more than this book.

She has been away for more than a decade in the north of Bangladesh, where, having given up her aspirations to be a surgeon, she has been working as a “simple country doctor”.

But after a ravaged season of war, only Maya can live with her past. One looks forward to the third volume of the trilogy. I received an advance review copy of this book for free through the Goodreads Giod Reads giveaway program.

The Good Muslim by Tahmima Anam – review | Books | The Guardian

Maya returns home after almost a decade of absence and finds her beloved brother Sohail completely transformed. Fast forward to and Maya has received a telegram informing her of Silvi’s death. Jimi Tood and John Lennon. I could have finished it before bed last night, but I had a feeling that the ending should wait until morning.

Once she had given everything for her children. Facebook facebook Twitter twitter Email mail.

The Good Muslim by Tahmima Anam – review

Her mother has been waiting for her daughter for the past seven years is finally happy to have her daughter back. Tahmima Anam was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in Is it his sister, who’s very progressive and areligious? But I thought Anam did yahmima wonderful job in depicting someone whose faith helps to heal him while also alienating him from his family – Maya’s befuddlement at her brother’s choices is mirrored by the reader, but Mulsim never takes the easy way out of making Sohail into an unmitigated bad guy.


Therefore, it was a bit challenging to follow. And when she came up again, she was different, as though she had gone under and told all the bones of her to put themselves back in order. Oct 07, Rifat rated it it was ok. But the children, he had said he didn’t want the children of war.

tahmina Both Rehana and Sohail have moved on, leaving Maya all alone to relive the glorious and adventurous days of the past, which in turn make her more frustrated. Lists with This Book. This format works well as the reader is privy to the building suspense of how this family will face some of their toughest struggles together. The war is important to the story.

By the end, the reason for Sohail’s transformation is revealed, and we find that in a way, Maya is not entirely blameless. His teenage crush from across the street, a rigidly devout Muslim, decides to marry him.

Thus she witnesses misery all the time, everywhere. Sohail moves further and further into a very extreme form of Islam, one that forbids books and even toothbrushes. Maya is not very religious, and feels betrayed when Sohail essentially leaves her for god. Only at the end did I feel something more for him than Maya’s anger and frustration, though I pretty much hated him for the way he treated his son, and I disagree with Maya that it was her fault, what happened to Zaid.