: Grandstream HandyTone HT Analog Telephone Adapter: Voip Telephone Adapters: Electronics. Grandstream Configuration and VoIP Setup Guide with VoIP Phone Service Provider. Grandstream HandyTone has two RJ (10 Base-T), two RJ and one power-supply jack. Connect your computer using the Ethernet cable to the jack.

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They will dodge your questions maticulously. Please email me if you think we should give it a try. If you are in static ip mode you can change the address.

HT | Grandstream Networks

But how to enter the IP addresses? To have access to this page you must use admin password. Without the adaptor I do not have any problem. So we have to press: With the administration rights you can change all settings, while with the user rights you can change only basic settings. For i can will say you the solution for yor problem.

Grandstream HandyTone

How to restore the factory setting of this device? Please choose only one codecs in all drop-down menus.

I would suggest you to choose any service other than mpingi, its a nightmare. Could you please let me know whether I could update the software to version 1. There are two ways to configure your Grandstream HandyTone So you have to change your grandstrem settings to: Please dont get yourself in to trouble.


To configure through web interface you have to use only the computer that is connect to the connector labelled LAN. Then, these adults were entirely reappropriated not psychologically and it was minor there was a organ of recipient living between the two supporters.

Pls help me to share information if I can put a complaint to any forum in US. Could someone help please.

Now I dont want to continue with mpingi and configure the adapter to stanaphone but I am unable to access the Advanced Settings of the device. I am able to hear the interactive voice menu when connected with a phone and also could access the adapter settings via http: Their service is horrible!!!!

This window can be accessed also with the user password Configuration through phone From your telephone that is connected to the HandyTone, you can only do the basic settings. I just plugged the device its started working amazing.

For the advanced settings you have to access the HandyTone through the web interface. The company claims me to charge more than dollars. The software within the ggandstream is version 1.


Before continue this tutorial, please check if you have server with installed Asterisk PBXwith several already added users and extensions for testing. I got a vonage its really great I called one day evening and got the device next day.

But what is the password? There is an urgent need for sites: What could be the problem. In order to prevent automatic posting on our website, gransdtream kindly request you to type in the number you see in the picture below. To do this, just enter 12 digits for granxstream new IP address.

Grandstream HandyTone 486

Asterisk News Archives older news. We have continued paying for the service when these fraudsters have not even provided one week of uninterrupted service. Hint – look at the bottom of the device. What is the magic with entering letters?! It has bring a bad name to the Grandwtream company

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