Dr. Karohs has also developed the powerful Grapho-Cybernetics program and “ Grapho-Cybernetics Puts You In Control Of Your Game – A Self-Modification and . How cybernetics connects computing, the counterculture, and design — [an interactive social graph]. Cybernetics is “deeply inter-twingled” (to borrow Ted. Investing three months in the Grapho Cybernetics program may seem like a long time, but it will be time well spent, considering that it can.

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The full effect of these amazing exercises is achieved when you have trained your hands to write the new forms without further conscious thought or effort. With business crime in the billions and employee pilferage steadily on the rise, the skill to weed out potential credit risks is becoming more and more valuable. The Grapho-Cybernetics program uses a unique approach of global exercises.

He probably would like to have at cyberneticd one academic degree. Continuing the exercises after that reinforces the new patterns and makes them permanent. He wants to investigate all aspects of a situation before becoming involved. Combination price for all 4 lectures on one CD is Info: Among the graduates were 9 faculty members from the Psychology Departments of three Indonesian universities. This is the reason that most graphologists are really good at identifying traits.


Do not write for support. Inwhile still working as a German teacher and department head at Monterey Peninsula College, Dr.

The Encyclopedia of Handwriting Analysis 30 volumes. His intention is to go directly to the source and he insists on gaining firsthand knowledge through his own efforts.

Once an idea becomes fixed in his mind, he usually sets about gathering large amounts of information to augment it. This means that they have to turn on their computers or spread out two large volumes on the table just to check a certain personality trait.

Grapho Cybernetics – [DOC Document]

Positive handwriting changes occur involuntarily as the global exercises develop and strengthen positive traits. With shallow wedges, the writer has the ability to learn by investigation if he is interested enoughbut he seldom goes into matters as deeply as he is capable of doing.

Personality Traits at a Glance. Post on Nov 69 views.

Grapho Cybernetics

In cybednetics city of Rudolstadt, close to Dr. Fine motor deficiencies in children diagnosed as DCD based on poor grapho-motor ability Documents. Advantages of investigative thinking: There is no action in the moment while the writer is still exploring. Thinking Patterns Continued As most of you know, students are sending all kinds of questions to me on a daily basis.

Why should you invest three months in the Grapho Cybernetics program?

Nearly all possible conflicting trait combinations are listed for you in clear and concise language. The book is especially helpful when a nothing but the signature is available; b the handwriting sample is very small; c the handwriting is mostly illegible.


Should you make direct changes in your handwriting? Exercises have to be performed daily, and the program must be completed from beginning cybwrnetics end. If a certain stroke is repeatedly written in a new way, the brain will change itself into becoming what is written.

The unfortunate result is that the person ends up with one or more resistance traits in addition to the original undesirable trait. AvivISHA, started growing at a pace that is leaving the graphology world in awe.

Among the graduates were eight faculty members from cybeernetics Indonesian universities.

5. Thinking Patterns Continued (3) – KAROHS

Investigative thinking Handwriting indicator: Investing three months in the Grapho Cybernetics program may seem like a long time, but it will be time well spent, considering that it can change your whole outlook on the game, and make the difference between succeeding and failing as a golfer.

Based upon the knowledge and understanding of this brain plasticity, she has brought handwriting therapy to a new level. One exercise builds upon the previous one. Karohs prepare them for her clients.