Fastest Way to Learn GRE High Frequency Word List. Long since GRE came into picture, students have had a tough time remembering words. More so since the. With so many seemingly equally potent GRE word lists and Vocab lists, it often becomes difficult to narrow down on one GRE word list that would solve all their. The Wordbot keeps track of your level of mastery on a given word. It also keeps a track of when you last revised a word. It thus creates personalized wordlists.

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With so many seemingly equally potent GRE word lists and Vocab listsit often becomes difficult to narrow down on one.

Brief and to the point. Synonyms and antonyms – Sometimes a few words appear alien to us and difficult to remember but we do understand the meaning of its synonyms or antonyms.

Fortune Favours The Brave: The tests check for your understanding of the meaning, ability to apply in sentences, retain in memory etc.

GRE Word List – Theme based

It can be accessed from anything greeddge your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop. You can thus learn words in an interesting manner, and at the same time improve your reading skills. Test of Usage tests if you can apply the word in the right context. The GRE verbal section is designed in such a way that it demands a proper learning methodology, without which your hard work could be rendered useless.


All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. The English Vocabulary always has proved to be one of the most intimidating nemesis for many GRE aspirants. Use your GREedge username and password to log in. Answered Oct 28, Is Magoosh alone sufficient for GRE preparation?

How To Choose a Good GRE Word-List? | GREedge Blog

You can add any note that helps your remember the word – a usage statement, an incident, or a mnemonic. This is precisely what wirdlist at GREedge have done.

We have also loaded a few stories with GRE words.

You dismissed this ad. When the clock is ticking and the time is short, high frequency GRE words can be very effective. Pronunciation — Say out loud, and say it properly. What should I do differently? Test yourself to know how well wordliat have retained the words and mastered them.

The WordBot app has a lot of positives though. If the word and its definition is accompanied by a related picture, it becomes wordlst to remember, easier to understand and more exciting to learn GRE words. Apart from being tough and tedious, this process has no long term retention value. A theme based GRE word list is an easier way to understand and retain new words. Words are conveniently organized into lists of size Whorg canteell whorth bee asbin? It can be accessed from anything via your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop.


I recommend this free tool to all my students who are appearing their GRE exams. Well, you’re not alone. Preferred Time Anytime 10am to 11am gteedge to 12noon 12noon to 1pm 1pm to 2pm 2pm to 3pm 3pm to 4pm 4pm to 5pm 5pm to 6pm 6pm to 7pm 7pm to 8pm 8pm to 9pm. By the time the students reach the latter half of the alphabets, they tend to forget the meanings and usage of the GRE words starting with the earlier alphabets.

GRE Word list || GREedge

Try to learn vocabulary from reading material like newspaper not from word list. However, it can be daunting to learn over words especially if they are unfamiliar. GREedge offers apps to learn words more efficiently. What are some best sites to wordlizt for GRE vocabulary?