Well, dont wanna brag, but it seems a lot of guys here havent read or even heard about gunwitch method. I wrote this thing up a few years back. This is a simple, direct and potentially very effective game method. Gunwitch Gun A Bitch Edition – Make The Ho Say “Noooooooo!”. I think is intresting, because is so Natural Game, of course a lot of what Gunwitch says is BS, but here i have put what i found intresting, i just.

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Overall these are the medium sized chunks of sexual state, the large being “be horny”, and the small likely being to many to ever be fully understood.

Or even easier to remember, 1. Joined Dec 7, Messages 5, Likes 6.

Does that sound like a guy who wants to scam you out of your money or a guy who actually wants to help other guys out? At the same time he changed his original Twitter handle from Gunwitch to witching We want your email address.

There is a certain “walks like a duck acts like a duck, must be a duck” dynamic working for you in the sexual state. Mon May 26, 2: Understand that women do not have some kind of special intuition about people, see Ted Bundy example above for proof.

Gunwitch (Allen Reyes)

A champ knows women love sex just as much as men so therefore the gift that is given in return for sex with a woman is the sex itself. It can be broken down into 4 parts: Watching for her sexual state. Joined Oct 23, Messages 56 Likes 4. I simply mean your state of mind, the feelings in your body, and the overall YOU at any given moment. But is that more of a concern than actually having good sex with women you find attractive?


Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID.

MM was designed for supermodels and actresses, ugnwitch who get guys directly flirting with them all the time. In fact, his ebook is not even for sale anymore. He partook in many feuds on the board and his method contrasted with a lot of the methods of others.

This will curb her excited state slightly enough for her to begin recognizing your sexual state. Gunwitch took a break from dating coaching at the start of after his case and legal problems see above – and took his products off the market.

SO u said not too much visualizing Was it a woman that you wanted sex with? Your internal state when you first see an attractive woman must be one of sexual enthusiasm, horniness, and unapologetic desire. James Gunwitcch Stan Tayi. You have to get ugnwitch alone with you. She will undoubtedly have friends with her who will up her social conditioning, AND try to ruin sex for the 2 of you out of jealousy or concern for her safety.


Both have good values. It’s not that I forgot what I was doing when it came to approaching women, but it was good to have a “booster shot” of the basic message.

What “simpler understanding” you may ask? I’ve read this method a while back in the Austrialian ASF website. This method is counter intuitive for me because I don’t expect a sexual talk would work with a quick kino escalation. This happens sometimes, she’ll say “I don’t know you enough” ect.

I had always been taught that it is not the product, but the marketing, that gets someone to buy something. He also refused to meet with other members of the board, which bunwitch him many allegations of being a fraud not getting the success he talked up on the boards. It seems methos work, if thats your PU style. Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.

People usually forget the power of ‘looking at a women and thinking that you want to fuck her. Take a guy who is a —1- in looks perhaps fat, short, hideous face, balding, old, smelly, poorly dressed, etc.