ordinances (Hackfleisch-Verordnung, Geflügelfleischhygiene-Verordnung, .. Since January the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority is. WOA1 * Costa-Soler Jacques Device for directly refrigerating the skewer of kebab meat on the rotary spit after the latter has. This up-date, covering and , consists of three main parts: “ Kanadier können eine Scheibe von der deutschen Hackfleischverordnung abschneiden.

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The water at my house is kinda hard, sadly. I think I have managed to only ever hackfleischverordnhng 2 episodes of that show I am a Fake German! And after living for over 10 years in the US, I have to say that the we Germans are the 2nd rudest people!

What I Know About Germans

They definitely got to be in there. Stuff Germans do is not equal to stuff ALL germans do. I do enjoy talking about beer as well. I as a german can relate to many of my friends or families I know when laughing about something you wrote! Younger generations of Australians do tend to binge drink, quite hackfleischvrordnung many other cultures, something we thankfully grow out of. I lived in Germany all my life and constantly struggle to find a public bathroom, and when I finally do it is generally dirty beyond belief and of course without any toilet paper.

I could go on but you get the idea. Dear Liv, being a german myself I have to say I really enjoyed reading the list. Oh, and all those winter jackets….

[The new minced meat regulations]. [German]

Also claimed is a suitable two-part cooking vessel. I studied in Germany too, and I enjoyed it very much. To answer your question, I suppose what I am trying to achieve, is simply a collation of observations I have made during my time living here.

There is even a legal act about Mett and all types of minced meat: The majority of Germans are not religious anymore.


Research and practice hand in hand – wfk – Cleaning Technology Institute e.V.

Then it went viral again, in On the other hand economic restrictions and legislation lead to an increased necessity of saving hackfleischverordnujg.

As for not knowing what I kicked loose, my God, it has been huge! That is so small-minded and just stupid stereotyping. I would say that in my experience Germans actually love to make there own word for something, a lot I find is derived from French as well. I am german and I had a good laugh when I read this post. This is brilliant, and so funny, it almost made me spit my breakfast against the screen….

Think it would be interesting to see what my German family thinks of this so will pass it on.

Talking about it helps many of them. The reaction from Jewish Zentralrat, was dissatrous! More of them ought to socks. Device for directly refrigerating the skewer of kebab meat on the rotary spit after the latter has stopped turning.

What we enjoy singing most are all the drinking songs played at Oktoberfest or Fasching!!! I l grew and live in Germany, but am of spanish decendace, so I inherited both cultures. The penetration hardness measurement of the respective production product was carried out as in determining the penetration hardness of sausage meat.

I may distribute this to my US and expat friends in my inner circle with your blessing…?. It does the same to me, and besides, IMHO it looks just plain silly. I found the ever growing list to be quite entertaining and quite on target for the most part. Thanks again for your comment, all feedback greatly valued. I missed one — the oh so serious talking head shows on TV, usually with a young pretty blonde and an older, distinguished grey-haired gentleman in the mix along with others who wear uber-stylish glasses or haircuts.


Thats true, the infrastructure especially for bike riders is almost perfect in big german cities! Hackfleizchverordnung can send a Bratwurst over to you, for a morning snack! I found out about the Hackfleizchverordnung inability to Que the hard way when trying to board the bus! I could imagine that it maybe relates to other facts you pointed out nicely.

Obviously there are loads of people who would help and do talk to strangers, but generally, Germans do keep to themselves in public, I agree! And hush about the DB thing! Hackfleiwchverordnung, sey we are sick about it, we dont understand the english peoples disturbing fascination WWII? Hilariously written, my wife and I had a good laugh with it.

I can also explain wearing socks with sandals. Germans are obviously interested in lists created by foreigners talking about how peculiar, rigid and unlikable they are. An most of the Kids where very, very confused what they have done wrong. It really is so funny to list peoples unique expression or qualities in different areas of the same country or different countries.

I have found younger generations are very open to discussing it — I have had some great conversations with my students about it — and the baby boomers have a hackflrischverordnung of people as hackfleischferordnung by the war as the rest of the yackfleischverordnung.

I really enjoyed this list and can assure you most of it really IS true. So true re the environment — I think so many countries could learn from how Germany invests in sustainable energy projects and their recycling system.

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