Symbolism/Effects: This is the mudra for brain power. Hakini mudra improves the coordination between the left and right sides of the brain and improves memory. Mudras like the Tse mudra, Hakini mudra, and Usahs mudra can stop stress, anxiety and depression, give you more energy, and lift your mood. The Sanskrit meaning of Hakini is Dominion, power or Rule. It is known as the power of mind. The Hakini Mudra is one among the outstanding.

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This is moreover useful when you have to do lots of mental work otherwise multi tasking. It will continue and be covered in the Moon Phase Yoga book and other flows to make it more use-friendly.

Hakini Mudra – Blissful Yoga

It is supposed that this hand gesture is associated to the Third-Eye Chakra, wherever your imagination moreover instinct are positioned. It guides your consciousness through your 6th chakra, also hzkini the third-eye or pineal eye. Place the tongue against the roof of the mouth and inhale. This mudra moreover recovers and intensifies respiration plus the brain profits from it as well.

How do you practice alternate nostril breathing? You can do it sitting at your desk, standing, or in any yoga pose, like i am doing in the photos. Definition – What does Hakini Mudra mean?


It is moreover superior while you mkdra to come up by a few good ideas. I can have a hard time containing my energy and this helps. This mudra is also recommended for many memory training and management programs.

Hakini Mudra For Brain Power: Benefits, How To Do

If you find your mind is distracted, or find you are lacking brain power, this mudra is great for helping in this department. There is no exact time at that Hakini mudra to be complete.

Hakini Mudra is always associated with the divinity within. Is Your Chi Blocked?

And then take a deeply breath and see the immediately result. Repeat this series of movements for several minutes. Yoga, the ancient Indian science of healing the mind and the body is gaining a lot of popularity in complementary and alternative medicine.

Derived from Sanskrit, hakini means “power” or “rule,” and m udra means “seal,” “gesture” or “mark. It enhances fuction of right hemisphere of the brainwhere the memory is stored. This one is very helpful with my work writing.

Hakini mudra is one of the most practiced mudras in yoga. Hamini Dictionary Tags Meditation Mudra.

I had read that it helps with balancing the right and left brain hemispheres, and after having used this mudra a while; hzkini am a believer. The Hakini Mudra can be simply practiced anytime plus somewhere, by just concerning anyone, since it is quite simple. Hakini Mudra has helped me a lot with concentration.


Hakini Mudra For Brain Power – How To Do And Benefits | Styles At Life

You are at the right place. I started using this mudra when i found myself super distracted, lacking brain power and not able to retain information in the way i used to be able do.

To perform hakini mudra, bring the palms in front of the body with each palm facing the other. Hakini is refer to God in Hindu culture plus is associated with 6th Chakra. Take few deep breaths and let your mind to focus on the things you want to recall or analyze. Mental stress muda unnecessary thinking, pressure related to personal as well as professional life, extremely hectic schedule throughout the day, etc.

In terms of science, this finger position has been researched fairly well; researchers have resolute which it endorse the cooperation among the right and left brain hemispheres. This hakini hand Mudra is moreover optional in lots of memory training plus management programs.

The Sanskrit meaning of Hakini is Dominion, power or Rule. How to do this mudra? Or practice it 3 times in a day for 15 minutes.

Mindful Consumption for a Joyful New Year.