Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Urdu By Tariq Ismail Sagar Pdf Free Download Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report Urdu Akhri Signal Ki Kahani . Detailed article’s in Urdu on the 40th anniversary of The Fall of East Pakistan on December 16, This article first was published on December 16, and. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never.

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There are intelligent fabrications which I believe were added by Indian press for obvious reasons.

The Fall of East Pakistan

Thanks for putting this post. Its primary conclusion was very urdy of the role of Pakistan’s military interference, the misconduct of politicians as well as the intelligence failures of the Inter-Services Intelligence ISI and the Federal Investigation Agency FIAwhich permitted the infiltration of Indian agents all along the borders of East Pakistan. In the end, the commission opined in the report that the nation would learn the necessary lessons from these tragic events, and that effective and early action will be taken in the light of the conclusions reached.

I have very strong reasons to believe this report is neither complete nor authenticated report.

Indo-Pakistani War of Hannan Abu Sayeed Chowdhury. Because of the nature of the findings it was not declassified for decades until an Indian newspaper published the details.

The Hamoodur Rahman Commission otherwise known as ” War Enquiry Commission ” [1]was a judicial inquiry commission that assessed Pakistan ‘s political—military involvement in East-Pakistan from to Muktijuddho e-Archive Artistic depictions Awards and decorations.


Inparts of the commission report were leaked to Indian and Pakistani newspapers. The report accused General Yahya Khan, of being a womanizer and an alcoholic.

Yahya Khan Tikka Khan S.

According to the Commission General Mustafa’s offensive plan aimed at the capture of the Indian position of Ramgarh in the Rajasthan area Western Front was militarily unsound and haphazardly planned, and its execution resulted in severe loss of vehicles and equipment in the desert. Ghouri October 6, at Akhira Golaghat Jathibhanga Kaliganj.

For other uses, see Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. Uru, your blog cannot share posts by email. Retrieved 14 June Indira Gandhi Sam Manekshaw P. We will be happy to make it public. US Institute of Peace Press. The report examined nearly individuals and hundreds of classified army signals. Mitha should be publicly tried for being party to a criminal conspiracy to illegally usurp power from Mohammad Ayub Khan in power if necessary by the use commissio force.

Both the first and the supplementary report’s findings accused the Pakistan Army repott carrying out the senseless and wanton arson, killings in the countryside, killing of intellectuals and professionals and burying them in mass graveskilling of officers of East Pakistan Army and soldiers on the pretence of quelling their rebellion, killing East Pakistani civilian officers, businessmen and industrialists, raping a large number of East Pakistani women as a deliberate act of revenge, retaliation and torture, and deliberate killing of members of the Hindu minority.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Wikipedia

It is theorized that the first report is very critical of Pakistan military ‘s interference in politics and misconduct of politicians in country’s political atmosphere. Volume I of the supplementary report dealt with the political backgroundinternational relationsand military aspects of the events in A Global Studies Handbook. Higher Direction of War”.


Asif Sarwar February 6, at 4: The report accused the army generals of what it called a “premature surrender” and said the military’s continued involvement in running the government after was one reason for the corruption and ineffectiveness of senior officers.

The report explores a number of issues such as: Faizan June 24, at 8: Yale University Press, Jones. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The chairmanship was to be rotated between each inter-services, irrespective of the personal ranks in each hakood.

Download Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report | Bashaoor Pakistan

In rrport, it was reported that around officials were interviewed and testified, including Yahya Khan and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. M Shahid Sheikh October 6, at Movement demanding trial of war criminals Shahbag protests. Retrieved from ” https: Ryait Ka Waqt Guzar Chuka! However, no action was taken. Contents of the report were published by the Dawn and the India Today and rumored to be the first report, in August How Pakistan Negotiates with the United States: The commission’s final report was very lengthy and provided an analysis based extensive interviews and testimonies.

Bagbati Demra Karai Kadipur Gopalpur.

Retrieved 25 August I will advise strict caution and judgement while drawing inferences from this text. Justice Hamoodur Rahman was born in Patna, India. Leaders Bangladesh Military M.

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