Upâsikâ [Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (–), founder of the Theosophical movement.— Ed.] was an example of complete fearlessness in life. She was. ings of Agni Yoga recorded by Helena Roerich and de- scribes how to use this knowledge in practice for spir- itual development. The book is addressed to those . The term Agni Yoga was introduced to the western public by the Roerichs — Nicholas and Helena. They learned it in their expedition across Central Asia from .

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The highest degree of speed and focus is developed over great distances.

It is a non-profit educational institution incor porated in under the laws of rerich State of New Yorkand is supported entirely by voluntary contributions and membership dues.

Fedorov argued that humanity is the culmination of evolutionas well as its creator and director. It is a festival for Us when pure thinking is transferred into the sphere of invisible existence.


Archived from the original on 14 October How can a person who lacks this spiritual cognition accept the subtle Ether, which nourishes the higher body? To approach Us, you need an understanding of full freedom.

Both had at one time read and studied some of the Agni Yoga material with sincere interest, only to later discover for themselves that it was not quite what it claimed to be. The teacher of Alice Bailey does not belong to the Stronghold of Light. Thought that has known the correlations between the worlds obtains its power from them. Twilight reigns only in the lower strata of the Subtle World, for its inhabitants do not know how to evoke Light.


Let this page about the Brotherhood be remembered by those whose hearts are aflame. Likewise, the best accumulator will be inactive unless it is protected and connected properly. Our Towers are many-storied, and research is constantly taking place.

Theosophy and Agni Yoga

Various heart ailments come about from the same cause. Our mirrors cannot be called magical. It was united with the cosmic energy, and thus could act. Views Read Edit View history. At present, the world has exceeded its bounds, the ship has lost its course, and the cosmic whirl speeds its movement.

Such wounds happen much more often than people may think. For most people nowadays, since the eye does not see the consequence of thought, it means that the consequence does not exist.

Emphatically move away from work for My Teaching which does not need wide distribution. People who deny the Teaching are not far from falling into the abyss. We have sufficiently insulated Our laboratories against sound, but psychic energy cannot be stopped. Skip to content This article is the result of the work and research of two students of Theosophy, one in Latvia and the other in England.

It is a mistake to send thoughts in a foreign language, supposing that it is more convenient for the person to whom the thought is sent. During the last war many people had visions, but no one realized that the cause of this lay in particular chemical agents.


Much has been said about co-measurement and equilibrium; precisely for the realization of this principle must the full rights of women be strengthened.

Retrieved 14 November Leaves of Morya’s garden.

Supermundane | Agni Yoga Series | The Teaching of the Living Ethic

You are acquainted with Tactica Adversa. How are We to explain, when the heart is silent? Often, such luminosity at midday seems like a kind of mist. People agnl not quarrel about deeds, but about names.


Her organisation has always sold the Agni Yoga books and she encouraged her followers to read and study them, whilst naturally attempting to ensure that they continued to look upon her own books also claiming to be inspired and dictated by a Master of the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood as the most important.

Urusvati has been in Our laboratories, and has seen one of the formulas for atomic energy. Retrieved 25 September Many legends tell how wishes were fulfilled, but they do not speak about a basic condition, about the main character being in a quandary, a situation with no way out; and this condition sharpens desires until they become immutable.